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Jaguars want Brady Quinn? Broncos say 'Not Interested'

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There are reports floating around that the Jacksonville Jaguars have an interest in trading fro Broncos QB Brady Quinn.  Why wouldn't they?  Despite the lack of overall success, the Broncos QB situation could easily be described as deep  - especially when compared to other teams around the NFL.

Perhaps it should be little surprise as well that the Broncos response, to Josina Anderson of Fox31, was a resounding, thanks but no thanks.  The Broncos wouldn't speak directly about Jacksonville, but according to Anderson's Twitter account, the Broncos let it be known that Quinn was likely staying put, "we have no interest in letting go of Quinn". 

Smart move.

Despite the hype surrounding Tim Tebow, the Broncos need as many quarterbacks as possible, and letting go a player at any position of depth, in May no-less, would not be such a good idea.

The Jags will just have to look elsewhere.