The MHR Hall of Fame Committee Reborn


The MHR Denver Broncos Hall of Fame Committee has made a few changes. A new group of members has been selected to carry the torch for the 2011 Hall of Fame campaign. bfree2bronc, broncosmontana, and kentuckybronco are the newly appointed committee members and we are excited to put some more Orange and Blue into the hallowed halls of Canton, Ohio. The committee members you are used to seeing (studbucket, firstfan, jezru) will be our advisors, along with Tim Lynch and John Bena.

The Transition

First of all, a Mile High Salute goes out to the inaugural MHR Hall of Fame Committee. They did a spectacular job, campaigning to put Floyd Little into the Hall of Fame. It was a tremendous task that involved hours upon hours of planning, discussion, writing, video editing, and stress. Every one of them made huge sacrifices to take on such a task and I'm sure that I am not alone in commending them for their efforts.

Although they will be handing their duties off to bfree2bronc, broncosmontana and kentuckybronco, they won't be stepping away, completely. Thankfully, they are gracious enough to leave their doors open to us if we have questions or concerns, going forward. Rest assured, MHR. The committee is in good hands. We are all extremely driven and passionate about putting more Broncos in the Hall of Fame and we'll work our hardest to continue the work that Studbucket, Firstfan, Jezru, Zappa and Guru have started.


Continued Commitment

We are really excited to be a part of this committee and do our part to put Broncos in Canton. It was amazing to read the Hall of Fame Committee posts, last year, and see the effort and persistence from each person involved. One of my biggest pet peeves is when players don't get the credit they deserve, especially our Bronco greats. The Broncos have never been a team that gets a lot of national acclaim and, likewise, they don't get as much of a push to get into the Hall of Fame after their careers are over. That just annoys me, through and through. I'm glad that MHR put together this committee to get the word out, because I'm convinced that it played an important role in helping put Floyd Little in the Hall of Fame.

Last year, the most noteworthy thing from each Hall of Fame Committee post on MHR was an abounding passion. When going through posts on MHR, it's easy to see which posts are written with passion and which ones aren't. Well, the Hall of Fame Committee posts had it, plus some extra. Passion is a vital ingredient that helped make the committee successful with the Floyd campaign and it is going to be very important for us all to keep in mind that it will take a similar amount of passion to have a successful result, this time around. So, even though the faces of the MHR Hall of Fame Committee may be different, our commitment is the same. We hate that the Broncos don't get the Hall of Fame credit that they deserve and we'll do anything that we can to persuade voters to cast their ballot for Bronco players.


Our Focus

Now that the new committee has been fully introduced, let's get down to business. Who are we going to campaign for, this year? After some discussion, the MHR Hall of Fame Committee has decided that the focus of this campaign will be to make a strong push for Shannon Sharpe while we lay the foundations for a Randy Gradishar campaign in 2012.



The campaign for Shannon Sharpe will be a continuation from last year's efforts. There was a strong push, last year, trying to get Shannon into the Hall of Fame, but the focus shifted to Floyd Little as his momentum began to pick up. Well, the time for Shannon Sharpe is right now. We, the committee, are going to refocus the attention to Shannon Sharpe and pick up where we left off, last year.

Randy Gradishar's campaign is going to be a little bit different. Ideally, we would love to give a really strong push for both players (Sharpe and Gradishar), attempting to get two Broncos into the Hall of fame. However, since the Hall of Fame voters are set in their ways, it is going to be unlikely that Randy Gradishar will get the love that he deserves, this year. It's unfortunate, but here is the rationale. Since Floyd Little is going to get his bust in a few months, the likelihood of getting two enshrinees from the senior class in back to back years is very small. 

The Seniors Committee and voters received a lot of mail and support for Floyd last year, and getting pounded again may not have the same effect for a 2nd year in a row.

- studbucket

We are not saying that Gradishar is unworthy of the Hall. He, most certainly, deserves his bust and we hope to convince the voters of that fact. However, after much discussion, we feel our efforts would be better suited if we focus our attention on one Bronco, while, at the same time, putting in a good word for another to keep his name on the minds of the senior committee.

So there you have it. The focus of our efforts, this year, is to push for Shannon Sharpe as hard as we can, while laying the groundwork for a Gradishar push in 2012. It's exciting that we can look at Floyd Little and be inspired by the results that the committee helped achieve, in the past year. However, we can't and won't be satisfied, because there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. We really have to put our nose to the grindstone, push forward, and get even more Denver Broncos into the Hall of Fame.

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