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Broncos Country Must Speak: Should Denver Trade QB Kyle Orton?

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A couple of interesting articles surfaced over at the Denver Post today, both regarding the Broncos' starting quarterback Kyle Orton, and both discussing the necessity for Orton to be traded.

Not an idea, the way they described it made it seem like a necessity.

From Woody Paige:

For the development of Brady Quinn, Tim Tebow and Tom Brandstater, for fairness to Kyle Orton, for the benefit of the other Broncos, for the future of the franchise, for the fans in Bronco Country, for goodness' sake, Orton must be traded.

Orton is not a short-term fix or a long-range fit for the Broncos.

A deal should be sought, in my opinion, before the team's voluntary minicamp May 17-19 — so the Broncos and Orton can move on now.

Mark Kiszla voiced a similar opinion, essentially dubbing it unfair for the Broncos to keep Orton in the "circus" that is the quarterback situation in Denver.

The way the organization has been talking up Tim Tebow and allegedly Brady Quinn also, it makes sense that the team would try to move Kyle Orton before the season starts from a future standpoint.

Many Broncos fans will oppose this method because this is a team whose fan base is always in "win now" mode, and for good reason. A winning culture has developed in Denver, though recently it has diminished a bit, but for a team who is rebuilding or as we like to say around MHR, "re-loading" (thanks Emmett), .500 football is not all that bad when you compare the Broncos to other "re-loading" teams like the Lions, Browns, et al.

If the Broncos move Orton, many fans feel this team will have removed itself from the "Re-load, but play .500 ball while you do it" capability. I don't see that as the case at all.

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network recently stated that Brady Quinn has impressed the Broncos' coaching staff greatly, and has a good chance to take away and compete for Kyle Orton's starting position this summer at Broncos training camp. If the coaching staff likes what they've seen from Quinn, there is no reason (unless you don't want to fork over the picks) that Quinn cannot start in 2010.

Orton is currently on the books for roughly $2.6 million dollars, a very cheap price for a quarterback who has won as many games in this league as Orton has. Like Paige pointed out in his article, he should be an attractive player on the trade market, especially for quarterback needy teams.

No matter what you think about Orton being traded in 2010, nobody can dispute that he's not in the Broncos' plans for the future. The team has kept Tom Brandstater around even after the Broncos acquired 25 year old Brady Quinn and 22 year old Tim Tebow as potential quarterbacks of the future.

Something's gotta give.

Maybe Paige and Kiszla are on to something here. After all, if Marshall and Cutler can whine their ways out of town as Paige pointed out, the Broncos should certainly be willing to make life easier for a guy who has been nothing but respectful to the organization.

While Kyle Orton certainly appears to give the Broncos the best chance to win now on paper, Josh McDaniels' head coaching contract might indicate that the future is sooner than some of us may think. The team reportedly loves Brady Quinn, and Josh McDaniels is obviously enamored with Tim Tebow.

It might be best for Orton to move on while his value is hot. Heck, Orton's movement could pave the way for Quinn to have a great season, and the Broncos could get maximum value for both quarterbacks with the thought that Tebow will step into the starting role in 2011.

A lot can still happen before the regular season, and who knows,maybe none of this will ever formulate. So I beg the question to Bronco nation: Should Denver trade Kyle Orton? Perhaps a more appropriate question is, "Will they?"