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Quantrainic Musings - 07/15/10

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 Forthcoming prophectic musings asunder,

as they are assuredly a perfect blunder.

Take your visions and set aflame

for the Western Crown's again unclaimed.


From the depths a humiliatied city

with no hope to relieve despair.

Devoid of heartfilled desire and gifted ability,

the Chieftains have much to repair.


To the delusions of a blackened corpse,

the hyped Campbell a forlorn cause.

Trampled upon by a majectic horse.

The spiritless talent unlikely to give pause.


As for Phyllis and his face of arrogance,

the Chargers, blind and without contrite,

sold their souls in total ignorance

soon to discover a "birthrite" up for a fight.


And a young thoroughbred wild and delirious

with questions abound of the orange and blue.

Improved, hungry, determined...dangerous.

Victory to be sweet as the finest homemade brew.


The Western Crown's winner to be filled with bliss

as there are no contemplations as pure as this.

Behold this prophecy is seen as fact

for the Broncos are surely back on track!