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Tim Tebow Signs Contract....With Jockey

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I know, I know, the headline is a bit cruel.  But with plenty of time - less than 24 hours is an eternity in contract negotiations - until rookies are required to report, we can have a little fun.

While Tim Tebow is still working on his first professional football contract with the Broncos, he did come to an agreement on something - specifically what he'll be wearing under his uniform

Heisman Trophy Winner and pro football quarterback Tim Tebow will serve as a Jockey spokesperson beginning in July, 2010.

"I'm excited to represent the Jockey brand. I've long been a fan and consumer of Jockey and I'm looking forward to a great relationship with such a respectable and innovative company."

Tim will work with several of Jockey's product lines, including the NEW Jockey® Staycool collection coming in Spring 2011.

So, for all of you that bought #15 jerseys, get ready to add the tighty-whities to your arsenal as well.

Oh, and for the record, when Tim was asked the million dollar question - Boxers or Briefs??

"I go with briefs because they are more comfortable & better fitting." 

Rock On, Tim!