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Potent Quotables - 7/29/10 - Denver Broncos Training Camp Day #2

Courtesy of the fine folks with the Denver Broncos PR Staff


Opening Statement

 "Well, it was a little warmer today but it was another good day and another set of meetings and workouts this afternoon and more meetings on the horizon for tonight so (we're) getting a lot done."

On progress with the Broncos' first-round draft picks

"I don't have any - nothing to report. We're still working away at it."

On the chance of either player not being signed before Sunday when veterans report for their first practice

"I think there would always be a chance. I mean, hopefully it's closer (to being done) than not close and as soon as we can tie the knot we'll get them over here and run the conditioning tests and do all that stuff so hopefully, like I said yesterday, we're working on it as much as we can and (we'll) get them here as quick as possible."

On the negotiations

"I think that's generally - we're following the same formula as most every other team does. I know sometimes with quarterbacks it's treated a little differently and all that but I think generally we're following the same formula as everybody else is."

On his involvement in the process

"Well, (General manager) Brian (Xanders) and (Broncos Director of Football Administration) Mike Bluem and (Broncos Coordinator of Labor Operations) Meghan Zobeck - who I didn't mention yesterday, have all done a great job in handling all the contract issues and they keep me up to speed on all that stuff so I'm aware of it and if there's anything that anybody needs me to do, in terms of talking to either an agent or a player, then I'll do that but I have great confidence that they're handling everything perfectly and we never really are far away from discussing exactly what point we're at so I'm usually right there with them in terms of understanding the big picture and where the negotiation is at."

On whether he's talked to either player

"Not today or yesterday, no. Tuesday, like I said, they were allowed by rule to be here and so I actually saw Tim Tuesday. I'm not sure I saw Demaryius but I had seen Demaryius on Monday, so that's the last time I talked to either one of them, was on Tuesday I believe. But like I said, it's not contentious or anything like that."

On injured players getting in a few practices before all players report for practice on Sunday

"I think it makes a difference, I really do. If you think about guys like (OL) Ryan Harris or (OL) Russ Hochstein or (RB) J.J. Arrington or (WR Eric) Decker who are coming back from an injury - I'm sure that they're grateful that they have an opportunity to be back on the field for a few practices and workouts before Sunday morning when the first snap might be Ryan Harris lined up against (DL) Justin Bannan in full pads, full-go. I just think it's a confidence thing. I think for a lot of the rookies - they heard a lot of the information in the Spring and they were taught everything that we're going to teach them again here and there are some new things that we're going to put in, in training camp too so it's just an opportunity to feel better about playing faster and I think whether you're a rookie quarterback or an injured player it makes sense to come in and try to start crawling before you walk and walking before you run because certainly none of them are going to hit the ground running because they're behind. Every day is a great opportunity."

On Broncos DL Jamal Williams

"Whether it's conditioning, injuries, physical - that whole thing. It's a combination of all those things, the PUP (physically unable to perform) designations,  so hopefully that won't be a long-term thing, but you know, it's a combination of a lot of those things so we're just making sure we're smart and hopefully have him out there as soon as we can when he's ready to go. It's a lot of things."

On Broncos LB Darrell Reid

"He's got some versatility, there's no question and I think there's another element of that - he helped us at outside linebacker. He was definitely a factor in our sub pass-rush last year and our nickel and dime packages and they double team him on every special teams play. (If) you're going to try to single-block him, he's 275 lbs. running down there at a pretty high rate of speed and usually it's going to take two people to stay in front of him whether it's a kickoff return or what have you. He creates - I know people don't talk a lot about mismatches in the kicking game - but he has been that in the past and that's a big role that he filled for us last year and hopefully - when he's able - he can come back and sort of fill that same thing for us this year."

On Reid's rehab

 "He's working hard right now to get back and I know as soon as he's able to, he'll be excited to get out there. He's been here most of the entire offseason and he's made that commitment to rehab strong - hasn't missed and all that, so we're happy with what he's doing and we're excited for whenever we can get him back."


On players returning from injury

"Yeah, I think you realize what you had that, you know, and I'm not saying that any player or coach takes it for granted, but sometimes if you're a part of something long enough that, you know, you come to work at the same place every day at the same time and enjoy it the same way and then all of the sudden you start to get comfortable with the idea that it's going to last forever. Sometimes I think that when you get something taken away from you for a little while you start to come back and realize that this isn't necessarily a given so I can tell that he's excited to be here and whether it be in meetings, he's still continuing to make sure his body feels good in the training room and then out there in the field so I definitely see that from a lot of players that come back from injury."

On Broncos RB J.J. Arrington

"He is going to have an opportunity in a number of areas. We've got a lot of backs though and there are some that are young and unproven and we‘re going see how all those guys fit in there. Certainly that's a position where you may keep one more than you did last year, you may not - you may keep one less. We'll see where that all kind of unfolds but he's definitely impacted the kicking game in Arizona and he's played sub packages there also so he's a very smart player too. We like a lot of things about him and hopefully we can get him up to speed in terms of feeling like he can play at the level that he was at before we got him."

On Arrington's progress rehabbing from his injury

"I think the first two days here have been much better than in the Spring. I think he's getting more confidence. I think that will come and hopefully that will come for him and that he can feel comfortable making the cuts that he wants to make and run the way that he knows how to run. I think that he's just got to get in there, he's probably got to get tackled, get taken to the ground. He's got to get his legs taken out from him and get up and feel like, ‘OK, that wasn't so bad. I can go back and do it again.' I think it's all part of the confidence factor when you're coming back from an injury, particularly a leg injury to a runner. I think it's a little bit of a situation where I think the more he's out there, the hopefully more comfortable he'll feel."

On what he is trying to accomplish in these few days before camp

"You are obviously not seeing a lot of (full) team work out there right now. We have 38 players, which is close to half of the roster. It is not enough for us though to get out there and run a lot of team plays together for fear of either a bunch of guys pulling because they have to take all the reps or not. In the meetings and in the film work - you know yesterday was Installation One which will be Sunday morning. Then this morning and last night was installation No. 2, which will be Sunday afternoon. Then, this afternoon will be No. 3, which will be Monday's practice. So, they're getting an opportunity in the meeting room to simulate exactly how training camp is going to go, even though we are not going out there and running all those things in a team atmosphere. There's definitely a ton to be gained. I think there's a lot of progress being made in the meeting rooms and watching the film learning how to do the things. They'll then get hit another time quickly before we hit the field."

On former Bronco Floyd Little's  induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

"I think it's great. I watched some stuff on television this week about how excited he was to get named to the NFL Hall of Fame. I think it is awesome for the Broncos. It is definitely a tremendous honor. Being from Canton (Ohio) and having witnessed that ceremony, I mean I wish I could go there and see that every year because it's really an experience. I know we will all be very proud that he's going in. It happens to be the night we are having the stadium practice, and I think everybody is aware that we're going to put that on the Jumbotron, and hopefully people will stay to celebrate his induction together."

On the status of defensive lineman Ben Garland due to his possible military commitments

"From what we've gathered at this point, Ben can stay with us close to the Pittsburgh Steelers (preseason) game. Then, at that point we will make the choice if we want to replace him on reserve/military. He then serves his commitment and then we could stay in touch with him and those kinds of things where he would technically still be attached to us. Whenever he has fulfilled the commitment that he has, we would go ahead and bring him back and he could resume his career as a pro football player. We are certainly very respectful of that and the obligation that he has. I think the guys are extremely fond of him and proud to be associated with a player who has a greater good in mind. I can't say enough good things about him. The way he has worked here - it doesn't surprise me from where he's coming from, but he's just a thrill to be around and we'll look forward to having him for a while. We wish him the best as he goes and does what he has to do, and hopefully have him back an maybe have a long career here as a Denver Bronco."


On practice today

"I am still learning the plays and stuff, so it is good to be out here and get some extra work in before camp starts."

On how the first few days of camp have been for him

"It's going pretty good. I mean the plays are coming together. The knee is fine, so I can't complain right now."

On the difference between practice now and when the veterans report for practice on Sunday

"I think right now they are just throwing the book at us pretty much - how much we can grasp at one time and throwing it at us on the field. We are going to try and go on the field and do it right. If we make mistakes here, we've got time to make it up before this weekend comes."

On how long it has been since his knee has felt this good

"Probably about 12 months. Yeah, a little bit longer than that - maybe about 15 months. It is good though, so I am excited."

On how the backfield rotation looks going into camp

"I mean that is up to Coach right now. My job is to come out here and learn the plays, do everything right and get on the field when I can to help my team out."

On how this experience was for him last year

"I thought my knee was fine actually. I just know I had surgery, so I thought everything would be fine. Nevertheless, I just sat back and after I got released I had to have another surgery, so it kind of hit me then. Other than that, it was a long year. I just sat back and kind of just took it and watched more film. Rehab was pretty much all I could do. I am glad to be back though."

On his relationship with Josh McDaniels

"He released me (last year) and called me into his office and was telling me that I could either have surgery or play on it, so I took the surgery. He said I could come back healthy and he would re-sign me. He checked up on me while I was out, so it was good."


On training camp

"Camp is really tough, really challenging, everyone is working really hard - I love it."

On his status with the Air Force

"Right now, I'm one of 40 lieutenants who have been stationed at the Academy and currently I'm on my own leave. Every lieutenant has built-up leave and I'm going into the negative right now to do training camp."

On what will happen if he makes the team

"I think at that point I would just try to work with the Broncos, but that's a long way from here and I'm just trying to look at now and get through training camp."

On how the work he did at the Air Force prepared him for training camp

"I think it really prepared you. The Air Force is all about discipline, hard work and time management, and that's what this is. It's a lot of hard work, you have to be disciplined and you can't go out at night and stay out late. You need to stay in your books, study and get ready for the next day."

On his experience at the Air Force Academy

"It pays off. You learn hard work, discipline - you learn teamwork, leadership and you really know how to, in almost any environment, try to work as hard as you can."


On what it is like to play close to home

"It has been a dream come true, honestly. I mean I grew up in Colorado. I played high school football here. I played college football here; and just being able to stay in Colorado and play professional football for the Broncos is definitely a dream come true and I am grateful for the opportunity."

On what it is like to actually be on the field

"It is a lot different than I thought it was going to be, that's for sure. It's a lot of hard work and it is very intense. It's going to take a lot for me to make this team, but I am ready to meet this challenge. I am looking forward to it."

On what has been the biggest difference between college and the NFL

"Just the size and the speed of the game and the mental aspect. There's a lot of plays. You have to know multiple positions. If you don't do it right, then you are not going to be on the field, so it's just a lot of pressure."

On how much pressure he feels now

"It's training camp, you know. Any day your number could be called and you could be cut off the team, so I am just trying to do everything that I possibly can to make sure that I don't get cut. I'll do whatever the coaches ask me to do. That definitely puts a lot of pressure on me, but I am definitely up to it."

On how is preparing himself to make the team

"When you are on the practice field, you don't really think about it. You know, you are concentrated on what you have to do, but definitely in your off time and during the meetings you are thinking about everything you can do to better yourself and help yourself make the team."


On his injury

"I did a surgery and I won't get into specifics or details because I'm not a doctor but it was a surgery and I don't really want to talk about the extent of my injuries or anything like that, but it was surgery and I'm now healed and so I'm happy."

On where he might play on the offensive line

"I see it as wherever they want me. I've been blessed to have played this long and I've played a lot of different positions so I'm happy with wherever they put me and I'll help this team however I can."

On his veteran experience

"(Laughing) I did feel it - I was looking around today and said, ‘Man, I'm the youngest guy out here!' You do think about it every once in awhile but it's a state of mind and I feel young, I'm having a blast, I love the game and I'm just going to continue to work hard and try to get back and improve and I've got a long ways to go. I missed a lot of the offseason and so I'm just trying to work hard and get back to where I need to be."

On the hardest thing about not participating while out with his injury

"The big thing is probably just getting used to the speed again. The calls, the triggering the things in your mind as an offensive lineman, what you have to do from play to play and making sure that you can do it at a fast and efficient pace - so that's probably the No. 1 thing and then probably making your body feel good and get all sore make it feel like football again."

On any limitations being placed on his practice schedule

"We haven't really - I've just said, ‘Yes sir, No sir' and however they want me to practice, whatever schedule they want me on, they want me on. You'll have to talk to them about it."

On his impression of the rookies

"No. 1, they're just like all rookies, you get put into a position and you're there to help your team win and you have to work extremely hard day-to-day and week-to-week and that's what they're all trying to do and everything else will just kind of take care of itself as we get into the season and in preseason."