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Broncos Practice Jersey To Display Commitment To Community; Will Donate $1 For Every Fan Attending Training Camp

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via <a href="">The Broncos are wearing this patch at practice, and will donate $1 for every fan that attends Training Camp</a>
via The Broncos are wearing this patch at practice, and will donate $1 for every fan that attends Training Camp

The Denver Broncos revealed today the 2010 Broncos' practice jerseys featuring a patch that recognizes longtime healthcare partner HealthONE and its Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. In support of this relationship, the Broncos will donate $1 for each fan attending training camp at Dove Valley to the Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation.

HealthONE's Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children is the first partner to be featured on the club's practice jerseys. The Broncos have had a more than two-decade partnership with HealthONE, which is the largest healthcare system in the metro Denver area.

The Broncos have turned the new patch program into a charitable drive, issuing a challenge to fans to attend training camp - and promising to donate $1 for each fan visiting to the new Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation.  The Foundation provides support directly to sick children and families in n need, rather than to bricks and mortar.

In addition to wearing the practice jersey patches, the Broncos continue their commitment to HealthONE through several initiatives. As in years past, Broncos players, cheerleaders and Miles the Mascot make regular visits to HealthONE patients and employees, while the club also provides advertising, stadium signage and other marketing opportunities.

"The Denver Broncos and the National Football League strongly care about encouraging Colorado's children and families to live active, safe and healthy lifestyles," said Jeffrey Dorsey, CEO of HealthONE.  "We [HealthONE] believe in the power of prevention and support efforts to teach families how to make healthy choices. The practice jersey opportunity is a meaningful way for HealthONE to be involved with the team, the fans and the community."

Members of the team wore the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children patch jerseys for the first time yesterday in a practice for rookies and early-reporting players. The patch is located on the left chest area of the Broncos' practice jerseys and measures 3.5 inches high and 4.5 inches wide, which is the maximum size allowed according to league guidelines.

More than half of the NFL's 32 teams will wear a sponsored practice jersey patch in 2010. The NFL approved the use of practice jersey patches for clubs in March of 2009.

"Two of the Broncos' major community development initiatives are health and youth programs, so we are extremely excited about this opportunity with HealthONE because it makes a positive impact on both of those fronts," Broncos Chief Operating Officer Joe Ellis said. "With the donation program we have set up with the Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation, attending the Broncos' 2010 training camp will be a great way for our community to help Colorado's kids."

This opportunity coincides with the opening of a new expansion to the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children on the Presbyterian/St. Luke's campus in Denver in late August.

Denver Broncos Training Camp is free & open to the public. Visit for hours and location.


"We have a group with us here today from HealthONE and the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children's foundation and I just want to let everybody know, I know the secret has been let out as of yesterday, but we're proud to extend our sponsorship with HealthONE with the jersey patch that we're going to wear that is the logo for the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. But we go back I think - we were talking upstairs - I think 25 years with HealthONE and this particular hospital for kids fits right in with our community and charitable mission. We focus on health, hunger and youth and this has to do with two of those - health and youth. I want to thank Jeff Dorsey from HealthONE, the CEO of HealthONE and I want to thank Pat Peterson, who is the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Children's Foundation, for their support in this. I want everybody to know that we're going to be doing a donation for every fan that comes through the gates out here for the next 16-20 days - I forget how long camp actually is - we'll donate $1 back to the foundation (for every fan) and the money that the foundation uses goes above and beyond the general care that kids sometimes need and so this is a great cause and we're excited and again I thank them for their participation in this program. We're excited to have them on board and this is something that has become - I don't want to say standard for the league - I think we're somewhere around 18 teams right now around the league that do this on their practice jerseys and we waited a year until we knew we had the right partner and obviously, HealthONE - one of our longstanding partners - we reached an agreement and we thank them for that."


"Thank you, Joe. It is good to see all of you. I'll take just two minutes and tell you that we are very, very pleased about this program. The thing that we are constantly pleased about is the long and great relationship that HealthONE has had with the Broncos. The Broncos, beside from standing for excellence in sports, are so involved in the community in so many different ways. That comes really right to the point of why we have wanted to continue to be in a relationship with them over the past number of years. This particularly fits because of the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children opening just after the 21st of August. We have been involved heavily in taking care of people across Denver for a very, very long time and for kids over at Presbyterian St. Lukes and now the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children for over the last 25 years. So, this program is a help hopefully to start getting the name back out about the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. I want to mention just one last thing, that is the personal touch that comes from the Broncos to HealthONE and to our patients - I can't tell you how many hours and how many venues our Bronco players show up, take the time, and give back to the community; especially for the families going through a very, very tough time. We try and get that done as often as we can and it is never a ‘No.' It is just always a ‘Sure, where do you need us to be?' My thanks go out to the Broncos, and Pat Peterson, who is the head of our Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Foundation, can now take over."


"Hello. On behalf of all the families and children we serve I would like to thank the Broncos and HealthONE for the support that all are giving to the Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation. I would like to reinforce today that the money that is raised through the Broncos' training camp challenge - all of the money will go to help the families and sick children directly. None of the money will go toward bricks and mortar or building hospital wings. The money is going to help the families who actually need the money, and we thank you all very much for caring about these families and helping us take care of our littlest patients who are sick and in need."