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Stretching the Season - More Bronco Football Please

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It's a Holiday weekend and we are stuck right in the middle of the NFL Offseason doldrums. Celebrating our Freedom and Independence is always a happy time. One great thing about living in America, is having the right to have an opinion. So If you are in between all the BBQing and picnic action going on, you can add yours to the pondering of an 18 game NFL schedule.

There are Pros and Cons on the matter and while it would benefit season ticket holders, the wear and tear on the players would greatly factor in the decision as well. Another argument is the record book. Changing to 18 games would add another set of asterisks to any new records. That is a weak argument, but it would exist. My opinion is that an increase in roster size would be needed, and the Active 45 player game day roster would have to be abolished. There is a post here that outlines some of the problems and benefits of an 18 game schedule. What say you MHR?