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Denver Broncos Training Camp Officially Begins Sunday, MileHighReport Will Be There

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It what has become an annual event, MileHighReport will once again be on hand for the beginning of Denver Broncos Training Camp 2010.  I head west tomorrow evening, arriving in time for Sunday's first full-team workout.  What we do know right now is that Tim Tebow will be in uniform and on the field.  As for Demaryius Thomas?  we'll have to wait and see.  More and more first round picks have signed, including #20 and #23.  Thomas, drafted at #22, could still be waiting to see what the 21st pick - Jermaine Gresham of the Bengals - will get.  As we know, Cincinnati has no worries about allowing a first round pick whither in the wind.

Back to Training Camp.  As always, we'll be looking to give you first hand coverage of Broncos Camp from the fan perspective.  I'm a fan - Sayre Bedinger, who will be joining me for some of the workouts, is a fan.  We want to know the same things you want to know.  We'll be your eyes and ears!

I'm sure plenty of you will be there as well.  If you are going to be at Camp for any of the public workouts from Sunday - Wednesday, let me know.  Try and get together with other MHR members and watch workouts together.  Several folks did that last year as well.

As for Sunday, we are already trying to set up a gathering in-between workouts.  Right now, the plan is to meet at JD's BaitShop JD's is located at 9555 E. Arapahoe Rd. in Greenwood Village.  I'll be wearing my Orange #12 Broncos jersey there, so I should be easy it find.  If you are planning on joining us, let me know in the comments. 

Buckle-up Broncos fans.  Training Camp is gearing up and MileHighReport is poised to give you the best coverage yet!