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Horse Tracks - 7/4/10 - Happy 4th of July!

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Former Bronco Lynch enjoys challenge of being TV analyst - The Denver Post
Rather than fade away, old football players have the option of re-entering the world as relatively young men.

Dre' Bly, former Broncos cornerback, returns to Detroit - The Denver Post
The Lions said Friday that the unrestricted free agent has signed a two-year deal. Additional terms weren't released.

The NFL 'summer vacation' | National Football Post
Over the next month, and leading up to training camp, NFL players are off of the clock—sort of. Each one of them has received the speech from their coaches to stay out of trouble, use good judgment and given a reporting weight for camp.

Whither LeBron? Part II | National Football Post
Before getting back to LeBron, the first day of Free Agency in the NBA showed the true disparity in player compensation between the NBA and the NFL.

Rookie symposium just the tip of the iceberg | National Football Post
The purpose of the Rookie Symposium is to help prepare players for the opportunities and challenges ahead. The Players Association, the NFL and its teams are committed to providing the rookies with the best resources to develop both personally and professionally.

Ryan Mathews' goal is to be in camp on time | National Football Post
Add Ryan Mathews, the rookie running back for the San Diego Chargers, to the growing list of draft picks pledging to take care of their business in time to be on the field at the start of training camp.

Draft picks signing at a faster clip this summer | National Football Post
There isn’t expected to be much if any business conducted this holiday weekend, but NFL teams and agents have been working with a little more urgency when it comes to getting rookie deals done this year.

Service for Don Coryell scheduled for July 12 | National Football Post
A memorial service for Don Coryell, a man who fell just short of being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame next month, has been scheduled for July 12 at San Diego State University.

Seahawks running back busted for DUI | National Football Post
Seattle Seahawks running back Quinton Ganther has been arrested in Sacramento, Calif., on suspicion of drunken driving.

Eagles release statement regarding Michael Vick | National Football Post
The Philadelphia Eagles moved quickly today to deny a report by the Associated Press that they are strongly considering clipping the wings of backup quarterback Michael Vick in light of the shooting incident following his birthday party more than a week ago.

Report: Lane Kiffin targets a member of Jeff Fisher's staff | National Football Post
One member of the USC family is apparently trying to lure a coach from the staff of another member of the USC family right now.

Childress sees familiar face, hears familiar questions | National Football Post
Halfway around the world, Brad Childress didn’t figure to run into anyone he knew during the USO tour he’s on with other NFL coaches.

Report: Plaxico Burress applies for work release -- again | National Football Post
He’d like to be set free from jail and allowed into a work release program. Burress, the former NFL star, submitted his application on Friday, according to the New York Daily News. It’s the earliest date he could apply. Burress, who is nine months in to a two-year sentence on gun charges stemming from his Manhattan night club foul up when he put a hole in his leg, earlier applied for work release in November.

Police try to debunk 'myths' surrounding McNair case | National Football Post
The Nashville police wanted to clear a few things up regarding 'myths' surrounding the murder case of the late Steve McNair.

Tom Brady still works with quarterback tutor | National Football Post
How does New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady keep his mechanics sharp?

Georgia AD tried to influence officer before arrest | National Football Post
Damon Evans repeatedly stressed his job title to local authorities and urged the officer to let him go before being arrested on a drunken driving charge late Wednesday. news: Were Coryell's Chargers best team not to win the Super Bowl?
Football can be cruel. Need proof? Barry Switzer has a Super Bowl ring. Don Coryell does not. news: Coryell's attacking offense mirrored his attitude on game, life
Don Coryell wasn't a big man. In the world of professional football, his stature was more akin to the person who hands out towels and dispenses water to the players than the man who leads them. news: Caldwell puts trust in Christensen to keep Colts offense clicking
Indianapolis' new offensive coordinator got a promotion from his post as wide receivers coach this offseason and will become the first play-caller other than Tom Moore to direct the team's offense during Peyton Manning's career. news: Eagles refute report that team is discussing releasing Vick
The Philadelphia Eagles released a statement Saturday refuting an earlier report from the Associated Press that the team was strongly considering releasing quarterback Michael Vick. news: Coach says Favre back throwing to high schoolers in Mississippi
Brett Favre has commenced what is becoming an annual summer tradition -- throwing passes to high school wide receivers in Hattiesburg, Miss., while the Minnesota Vikings wait on his decision to play or not.

Silent, but deadly - Why the Saints' Marques Colston has quitely become the best receiver in the NFL
With the exception of an injury plagued 2008 season, from the time Marques Colston entered the league as a seventh round draft pick from a small Division I-AA school in The Empire State, he has recorded over 1,000 yards a year.

Vick is no McNabb when it comes to black QBs - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN
Let’s keep it real. Michael Vick is not the first man to pull out after three minutes and call it 30 under oath.

NFL's top 10 rookie storylines of 2010 - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The 2010 NFL draft class emerges with lofty expectations, garnering praise as one of the deepest infusions of NFL talent in recent history. Expect numerous compelling storylines to garner tremendous media and public praise and scrutiny throughout the season, including the following ten highly-anticipated rookie cliffhangers.