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Horse Tracks - 7/6/10

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Leading the Way "
Wesley Woodyard’s two NFL seasons have proven that a player doesn’t need hype or expectation — or even to be drafted — to earn teammates’ respect.

Broncos OL Polumbus feels at home leading camp - The Denver Post
Tyler Polumbus gathered the group of aspiring football players in close for an important message Monday morning.

Ex-Raiders QB Russell arrested on Ala. drug charge - The Denver Post
Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell has been charged with possession of a controlled substance—codeine syrup—after being arrested at his home in Alabama on Monday, authorities said.

Inside the playbook: complex blitz schemes | National Football Post
I wanted to try something different today and focus on the chalkboard. Why? Because to really get inside an NFL playbook, we need to talk about the complex schemes that are hard to replicate—and hard to stop.

Smart money | National Football Post
Over the next 40 days, millions of dollars worth of signing bonuses will go out to NFL rookies. However, the chances are that the lucky players who play 8 years or more could still be penniless 15 years from now. In 1993, QB Mark Brunell was drafted in the 5th round, played 16 years and made millions of dollars, and is now is about $20 million in the hole.

Jets cross JaMarcus Russell off their list | National Football Post
The New York Jets have crossed former Oakland Raiders bust JaMarcus Russell off their list of potential free agents in the wake of his arrest for possession of a controlled substance, according to the New York Daily News.

Report: Tony Romo's ex finds an ex-player to date | National Football Post
Some said Eric Johnson was an overachiever when he went from being a seventh-round draft pick out of Yale by the San Francisco 49ers to becoming a reliable part of the passing attack, catching a career-high 82 passes in 2004.

Giants Stadium just about all gone | National Football Post
Those who show up will see what there is left of the old Giants Stadium. Maybe nothing by then. The Bergen Record reports that the whole thing could be gone by then. There isn’t much left standing right now. Only two escalator runs remain. They are vertical escalators leading nowhere as the final pieces of the stadium itself have already been removed. The escalator runs could be history by Friday.

Bruce Allen truly embracing history of Redskins | National Football Post
Since coming on board before the end of last season, new Washington Redskins general manager Bruce Allen has talked about his deep appreciation for the history of the organization. It goes back nearly four decades when his father George was the head coach of the team and a group known as the Over The Hill Gang reached the Super Bowl.

Dolphins' Patrick Cobbs on the mend | National Football Post
For Miami Dolphins running back Patrick Cobbs, it's been a long road back from a season-ending knee injury suffered last year against the New York Jets.

Joe McKnight working to get into shape | National Football Post
It was a rough rookie debut for New York Jets running back Joe McKnight.

Steve McNair honored on anniversary of his death | National Football Post
One year after the death of Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair, the former All-Pro passer's memory resonates with his family, friends and former teammates.

Abram Elam: 'No hard feelings' | National Football Post
Cleveland Browns safety Abram Elam didn't get what he wanted this offseason: the security and money of a long-term contract.

Mark Anderson will have to fill Alex Brown's shoes | National Football Post
The Chicago Bears are banking on Mark Anderson being as good or better than Alex Brown was for them this season.

Vincent Jackson reportedly unavailable for trade | National Football Post
Recently suspended for the first three games of the regular season for violating the NFL personal conduct policy, San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson is unlikely to be traded. news: Four coaches connect with soldiers on NFL-USO tour
As Andy Reid visited injured soldiers in a hospital at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, he couldn't get over how eager they were to return to action.