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Potent Quotables 8/11/10

From the Denver Broncos PR Department

On whether it feels good to be working with the first-team defense
"Not really, that’s not a goal of mine. My goal is to get better and keep improving and when the season comes, be ready to dominate in the season. Being with the first team, that wasn’t a goal of mine – dominating on Sunday is."

On the praise he’s received from Head Coach Josh McDaniels
"Yeah, but I still have a lot of things to improve on and I’m not doing it every play. I don’t want to dominate 8-of-10 plays, I want to dominate 10-of-10. That’s my goal and that’s what I’m working on."
On the linebackers stepping up in place of injured LB Elvis Dumervil
"Of course everybody wants to prove themselves but we can’t let it fool us. We’re going to miss him but we’ve got to keep it going. People are going to have to step up. Mario (Haggan), myself, Jarvis (Moss), (Kevin) Alexander, (Jammie) Kirlew – everybody is going to have to step up and we’re just going to try to make it a group effort."
On the pressure he has faced as a former first-round pick
"It is but I put more pressure on myself than anyone else can so that really never bothers me. It’s just that I didn’t do what I wanted to do – that’s what gets to me. The things I hear, criticism from outside doesn’t bother me at all – it’s just motivation and like I said, I put more pressure on myself than anyone else can."
On his goals for this season
"My goal, every year I want to be great. I want to be amongst the elite and that’s what I’m going to keep working (toward). I’m not going to say that I’m going to come out and be elite but that’s my goal and if I fall short I’m just going to strap it back on and try again next year."
On whether he’ll be playing with a chip on his shoulder this year
"I’m going to play how I always have – a chip on my shoulder, even coming in last year I had a chip on my shoulder. Throughout college, throughout high school – and that’s just the way I approach it so I wouldn’t say I have a bigger chip this year, just a little more motivation.

On how his first practice with the Broncos felt
“It feels good. I feel healthy – ready to start working and be a part of this team and be a part of this offense and contribute any way I can.”
On playing for Denver after seven seasons in Oakland
“Well, it’s a little different, but it feels good. It’s always been a great rivalry and the Broncos have always been an organization I’ve respected and to be a part of it now and have this opportunity – it feels good.”
On when the Broncos first contacted him
“Awhile back – we’ve been talking for awhile and just been trying to make sure the situation was right and it seems like a good situation, a good opportunity and I’m looking forward to it.”
On what he’s been told about his opportunity with the Broncos
“It’s really just, from what I understand, it’s just going to be whatever I make it. I’m just looking forward to working hard, learning as much as I can and just helping the offense.”
On his expectations
“Obviously to win and to contribute and I’m going to come out and just work hard every day and like I said, learn as much as I can right now. It’s a new offense, a new system, a new team, new city so I’m just getting adjusted but I’m expecting to learn fast and get in there and contribute.”
On his health
“I feel good, I feel healthy.”
On being the new guy in the locker room
“It’s a little bit different – new faces, don’t really know too many people. There are a few guys I’m familiar with just from being around the league a little bit but it’s good because there’s new opportunity. I had seven years in Oakland and that chapter is done and this is a new beginning for me and I’m looking forward to it.”
On starting out with a new team
“I’m just going to take it one practice at a time, one play at a time, one meeting at a time – learn as much as I can and obviously, I see the opportunity here and I want to make the most of it but the main thing is to learn.”
On playing with teammates and fellow USC RB LenDale White
“It feels good – the more SC guys, the better. I’m looking forward to working with all the backs.”
On whether he’ll play in the Broncos preseason opener at Cincinnati on Sunday
“I’m going to do whatever they ask me to do.”
On playing at a higher altitude
“It’s a little different. I noticed it when I was with Oakland – noticed it mostly at the beginning of the game or even during warm ups but as you settle into the game, it’s just playing football.”
On competition in the backfield
“Really, that’s one thing I’m looking forward to is working with the backs. I’m not here to work against anybody. You know, there’s competition and things like that but I know the better you are as a corps, the better the offense is and I’ve been in every position from the starter, to the last guy, to rotating in so I understand how to work with other guys and just take advantage of my opportunities.”
On the rivalry between the Broncos and Raiders
“It’s intense, it’s intense you know? But like I said, I always had a lot of respect and admiration for this organization – the way they conduct themselves, the way they can treat their players – it’s definitely first class and I’m glad to be part of it.”
On whether he has any animosity towards the Raiders
“No animosity. Obviously you want to go beat them but there are a whole lot of other teams that we have to worry about too so I’m just taking it day-by-day.”
On whether his big games in the past against the Broncos helped him end up in Denver
“Well I’ve noticed through experience that teams you perform well against tend to look to you when they have an opportunity so I saw that a lot in Oakland with guys that made plays against us and then we’d pick them up. Whatever it was that got me here, I’m just glad to be here.”
On how he has made the transition from fullback to linebacker
“Well, I’ve kind learned more – instead of just running into somebody, you know, I try to have better technique, getting my body out of the way when I’m blocking because a lot of times I can be in the hole – certain positioning, footwork and stuff like that.
On if he ever imagined having a chance to carry the ball
“Not in the NFL. Growing up, especially in college, I never thought that I’d be playing (fullback in the NFL). But, like I said, things happen and different scenarios pop up and you just want to be able to handle them.”
On how he has made the transition physically
“You know, pad level, techniques – things like that. That’s the only way you can be consistent – if you have your techniques put together. That’s just something that is going to come with time and you just got to keep working on it.”
On is he misses playing defense
“I just want to play. I want to win, you know? I think that’s how we all feel. You just want to do your best to give us the best chance.”
On whether he is guaranteed a job since he’s the only fullback on the roster
“I don’t know about that, you’re never guaranteed anything.”
On being in his third year in Denver
“I’m feeling more comfortable. I felt as a rookie and last year, having a new coaching staff – everything you did was just so crucial and it still is that way – you have to have that same mentality but (I have) kind of a better feel for how it is and how to get through the best way.”
On whether he feels more comfortable being in his third year with the Broncos
“Definitely not as intimidating. You kind of feel like one of the guys and you’re just competing.”
On his versatility
“You just try to do as much as you can and become as capable as you can – there are many different possible scenarios.”
On what he’s learned about the NFL
“I think just how hard it is year in and year out – competing – there are new rookies every year and new guys that you’re competing with. I think that’s the biggest thing – it’s just a constant struggle.”
On whether he feels like a veteran
“Yeah, you feel – two years in here are kind of like dog years. You feel like you have more than just two (laughing).”
On the injuries in camp
“You never know – everybody is dealing with those injuries. You’ve just got to go ahead and improve at those areas the best you can because like I said, you don’t know.”
On how the Saturday practice went for him
“Just another practice really, but I think the offense is coming along. We’re having some really good days and then coming out like this morning. We were flat and didn’t play as well as we should have. That’s got to be everybody’s goal – just to play at a consistently high level and really until we do that we are going to struggle being the great offense that we want to be.”
On how he recovers after a practice like this morning
“Just get ready to have a better one tonight. Like I said, we’ve had great practices. We’ve got to eliminate these ones where we come out kind of flat, you know, in the morning and all that stuff. We’ll bounce back. We’ve shown signs of being a good unit, and hopefully (we’ll) keep on working toward that goal.”
On the injuries to the receivers
“We’ve spent a lot of time together, so hopefully just get them back when we need them and we’ll roll right on through it.”
On if it will be a nice change to go against another team Sunday at Cincinnati
“Yeah, for sure. I mean, I don’t know how much you really prepare for a preseason game. You come in still focused on the things you want to focus on but, we’ll go out there and try to win that game, and like you said, hit somebody else and see what we’ve got.”
On LB Robert Ayers
“He’s a physical force, there’s no question. I think he’s got the message on what type of a pass rusher they want, and he does a great job collapsing the pocket, which any quarterback would tell you is the toughest one to throw to. You might not get to the quarterback the whole time, but you’re throwing with guys in your lap, and he’s pushing the tackle right back in the quarterback’s lap. He might not record a ton of sacks, but (he) makes it really hard for the quarterback.”
On how he is feeling physically this far into camp
“I’m feeling great. Yeah, I’m feeling great. I’m happy that my legs have really held in there – that’s always big for me. This is still the best that I’ve felt and throwing the ball better than I ever have and mentally just playing at a high level right now.”
On RB Justin Fargas
“Yeah, I don’t know him a ton, but I saw what he did in college and he’s had a few good years in the league too, so we’re happy to add experience and hopefully, he can help us out.”
On how he balances the quarterback position while helping some of the young receivers
“Well, my job is to make the offense go and that’s the approach I’ve taken the whole time. I expect myself to play at a high level, but, that being said, unless everybody else is doing it with me what’s really accomplished? That’s really been my goal from the outset – just make sure that all 11 guys are doing it on offense.”
On the mental toughness of the offense right now
“Well, we didn’t practice well today, so whatever the reason was, we’ve got to get it fixed. Not to dwell on one practice, but we didn’t come out here and play as well as we should have. (It’s) just disappointing because we had such a good practice yesterday, we had one of our better practices as a unit and I think we had a lot of energy coming out and we wanted to back it up and continue that streak and we just didn’t do it.”