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2010 Denver Broncos Training Camp-Kaptain's Log August 11th - AM Practice Report

I am sitting at the 42 yard line this morning. Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" is coming through the loud speaker and the kickers are already getting loose. I see it's going to be a full pads practice as the Tight Ends gather and Devin Bishop and Tim Tebow walk out on to the field. Ther JUGG's machine is set up at the 10 yard line to my left. I hear what sounds like an unfamiliar Brooks and Dunn song now as the rest of the team filters out of the locker room. I was handed a Broncos Colorado Lottery Scratcher at the entrance this morning and as I await the onset of practice, I scratch off a dud. HORN.

9 minutes go up on the segment clock and the Punt Return Unit sets up in front of me. They work on Fake Punt scenarios and how to handle them. We certainly don't need a repeat of the Redskins game last year. Perrish Cox is taking the reps as returner and the Unit has Nate Jones, Darcel McBath, Richard Quinn, Spencer Larsen, Kyle McCarthy, Matthew Willis, David Bruton, Jammie Kirlew, Joe Mays and Wesley Woodyard. It looks like Brandon Stokely, Brian Dawkins, Jarvis Green and Champ Bailey have the morning off. Still out are Eric Decker and DeMaryius Thomas. D.J. Williams has the "No Contact" jersey on and I spot the newest Bronco Justin Fargas wearing Kolby Smith's old number 42. HORN.

The Defense moves to the far field and the Offense gathers to my right at the 15 yard line for Red Zone passing drills vs. the Scouts. This is at walk through speed as they are installing more of the Offense. After  five reps they switch directions and work on breaking out of the Red Zone area. I see 5 or 6 media still cameras set up along the end zone of the far field. They are right near where the Rookies  got to play in the mud. HORN.

The clock resets to 14 minutes and it's time for the jogging and Hop, Skip and Jump routines. This is done to a Hip Hop song and whoever it is keeps saying the same thing 42 times. As if I didn't hear it the first time. Expand your vocabulary dude. The players spread out across the field to stretch and I see Chris Baker working next to Jeff Stehle and Justin Bannan. With 2 minutes left, the players disperse toward their individual position drills. I see the ball boy sending bad snaps to the Quarterbacks as they warm up. HORN.

5 minutes on the clock. The Running Backs are running a high step agility drill through the strings (a grid of square openings made from bungee cords). Tebow sails a pass into the crowd during warmups with the ball boy. Kyle Orton moves the ball boy 30 yards down the field and all 3 QB's make solid throws. HORN.

Another 5 minute session. The RB's are drilling with the "Running Lane" mat and the QB's work pass routes with the Wide Receiver's. Patrick Carter drops a pass from Brady Quinn and they run it over again with success. Jabar Gaffney drops a Quinn pass and other than that, the drill goes well. Kyle discusses route adjustments with the Wide Receivers and Coach.  HORN.

The clock is reset to 5 minutes and  the QB's and WR's continue. The RB's hit the blocking sled and the Tight Ends drill with the Linebackers. It is toasty warm now and getting hotter by the minute. HORN.

Goal line 7 on 7's passing drills. On the opposite end of the field, the Offensive Line is moving the 7 man blocking sled. 5 guys are powering this sled 3 to 4 yards at a time. HORN.

Goal line 11 on 11's. Bruce Springsteen's "Badlands" simulates crowd noise as the Offense goes through running and passing drills. I don't have a very good vantage point for this drill and can't see much. HORN.

The clock resets to 8 minutes as the Units switch ends of the field. The Defense and Offense are jeering at one another and the "D" keeps it up throughout the next drills. They roar "HAWWW!" at the Offense and dare them to run through the line. Lance Ball gets strung out down the line for no gain and the Defense growls again. The LB's taking reps are Mario Haggan, Wesley Woodyard. Joe Mays and Robert Ayers. Jamal Williams makes a tackle in the backfield and then another for no gain. Bruce Hall carries for a yard. Tebow runs a QB Draw and LeKevin Smith grabs him at the line. The Defense roars loudly at this. Lance Ball slashes for 5 yards on the next play. Coach Nunnelly repeats his often heard mantra, "Nobody runs on the Denver Broncos." Orton completes a pass to Brandon Lloyd and then Justin Fargas gets his first carry as a Bronco. He gains a couple of yards up the middle and a Defensive Lineman grabs his shirt tail preventing him from going further. He keeps his legs moving anyway and the rest of the team gets a laugh out of it. Toney Baker has a nice run. HORN.

8 minutes on the clock and the Units switch ends. Darcel McBath is taking Brian Dawkins reps and Perrish Cox is filling in for Champ Bailey. Kyle Orton throws a TE screen to Richard Quinn. On the next play, Ryan McBean tips Orton's pass in the backfield, but it is complete to Brandon Lloyd anyway. Orton's next pass goes 70 yards, overthrowing Eddie Royal and the coverage. Eddie stopped running on the play, so it's hard to say if it would have been complete. Tebow completes a pass to Richard Quinn. Wesley Woodyard has a sack on Kyle Orton, who passes over the middle late to Gaffney. Andre' Goodman breaks up an Orton to Gaffney pass. The Defense is getting good penetration in this session. Kyle hits Nathan Overbay. Brady Quinn tries to get a pass to Britt Davis but Alphonso Smith denies him access and rides him out of bounds. Tebow misses a read and throws an incomplete intended for Gaffney. Brady Quinn hooks up with Lance Ball over the middle. HORN.

8 minutes on the clock and it's time for Punt Return drills again. This time Britton Colquitt gets to punt. Richard Quinn comes close to blocking a punt. Britton is booming 50 yard (from the line of scrimmage) punts with decent hang time. I can only count one one-thousand, to one-thousand as I don't possess a stop watch, but all the same, it seems like the hang time is okay. Eddie Royal comes in to take the last 2 reps at returner. HORN.

The clock is set for 8 minutes and it is time for 11 on 11's. McDaniels is tired of the Defense dominating and wants the Offense to do something about it. On the first play, Kyle Orton makes a bad throw to no one. Lance Ball carries the ball for 5 yards up the middle. Robert Ayers and Joe Mays meet Orton for a sack and Kyle passes to Matthew Willis anyway. The 2nd Teams rotate in and Bruce Hall picks up a few yards. Tebow throws a reverse Tight End screen that wobbles its way to Daniel Graham. A WR screen to Eddie Royal is sniffed out by Nate Jones, but Eddie makes him miss the tackle. Akin Ayodele is in the backfield pressuring Orton and Nate Jones intercepts the ball. HORN.

The segment clock resets to 5 minutes and the Defense goes over to the other field. The QB's, RB's, TE's and WR's stay together to work while the O-Line works with Coach Barone. HORN.

9 minutes on the segment clock. 7 on 7's Red Zone drills at the 20 yard line. Richard Quinn "stone hands" (drops) a pass from Orton. Andre' Goodman bats down the next pass intended for Matthew Willis. Orton to Bruce Hall for a short gain. The ball is spotted at the 10 yard line now. Tim Tebow throws a pass into Alric Arnett's back. Kyle Orton hooks up with Willis for a touchdown. Orton throws a fade to Brandon Lloyd for a touchdown. Orton throws to Eddie Royal for a touchdown. Brady Quinn connects with Daniel Graham (nice catch) for a touchdown. The ball is spotted at the 5 yard line. Tebow holds the ball and the receivers are covered so he throws a ball away that is nearly picked off. His next attempt is held way too long. He ends up throwing out of bounds towards a double covered receiver. Orton holds the ball too long and ends up completing a pass to Willis. Then Kyle tries to hit Royal in the back of the end zone but it is incomplete. HORN.

9 minutes on the clock. The ball is at the 20. 1st Nickel package 11 on 11's. Kyle Orton's pass intended for Lloyd is broken up by Andre' Goodman. Orton comes back to Lloyd at the 5 yard line. An inside hand off to Lance Ball is good for 5 yards. Brady Quinn passes to Alric Arnett, but it is broken up by Perrish Cox. Brice Hall takes an inside hand off 4 yards. Kyle hooks up with Brandon Lloyd past Tony Carter for a touchdown. The line of scrimmage is moved to the 10 yard line. Orton holds the ball and can't find anyone open. Three of his receivers just stopped running completely. The next play starts with a bad shotgun snap, Orton throws a quick sideline pass intended for Britt Davis, but totally misses him. Brady Quinn has to throw away a pass. Tim Tebow runs around the right side for no gain. He doesn't fare any better than the other two QB's in this session. Orton passes to Willis who shows good concentration as the ball bobbles. He is able to hold on, but he can't get into the end zone and is stopped at the 1 yard line. Orton passes incomplete to Matthew Willis. HORN.

5 more minutes on the clock. 1st Offense vs. the 1st "Base" Defense. Perrish Cox, Justin Bannan, Robert Ayers, Jamal Williams, Mario Haggan, Ryan McBean, Joe Mays,  Andre' Goodman, Renaldo Hill and Darcel McBath. Perrish Cox intercepts a Kyle Orton pass intended for Brandon Lloyd. HORN.

The Defense goes to the far field to cool down and Josh McDaniels (who is ticked off) makes the entire Offense run sideline sprints, up and back 5 times. Then the Offense huddles at midfield as the Defense heads to the locker room.

Autographs today are being signed by Britton Colquitt, Matt Prater, Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, Richard Quinn, Riar Geer, Nathan Overbay and Tim Tebow. I manage to obtain a Tebow signature on a ball cap and then Richard Quinn on another. By the Way, the Tebow cap is spoken for. A young nephew of mine is going to be the recipient and he is going to be on top of the world about it. I must get ready for the PM practice now.

Go Broncos!