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2010 Denver Broncos Training Camp-Kaptain's Log August 11th - PM Practice Report


The practice time for this afternoon was changed without my consent. Last week, today's practice was moved from 5:30 to 2:30 PM. So I sped up my typing to post the AM practice and get back to Dove Valley, only to find out it was changed back to 5:30. Anyway, at least I wasn't late or AWOL. I locate a spot at the 48 yard line that won't obstruct my view of the action. J.D. Walton and Kyle Orton are out on the field. They set up at one sideline, Walton snaps the ball to Orton, and then they trot across to the opposite sideline. They turn around and continue back to their original position and set up again. They must be doing penance or something because they run this 4 or 5 times. Creedence Clearwater Revival and Stevie Wonder surround the audial senses. This turns into Bob Seger's "Hollywood Nights" and a few players appear on the field. The players are in shells and shorts for this evening's soiree. Matt Prater has a ball teed up at the 40 yard line, so I am thinking that a Special Team's session will start the practice off. Fine Young Cannibals "She Drives Me Crazy" plays through the PA System and that turns into the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" HORN.


10 minutes is put on the segment clock and the Kickoff Coverage Unit begins drilling. They are going over coverage schemes. Wesley Woodyard and two other players await on the sideline for their turn. Woody turns around and high-fives a couple of kids and that really makes their day. I notice Champ Bailey, Brandon Stokely and Brian Dawkins are present, but Jabar Gaffney is not in attendance. Robert Ayers is also on the field. No sign of LenDale White, Chris Kuper or Marquez Branson though. HORN.

The clock resets to 10 minutes. The Defense goes to the far field and the Offense stays on the near field. The Offense walks through more play installations and Justin Fargas sees more action here. Fargas has a limp, or a hitch in his gait and I wonder how long it's been since he had surgery on his right knee. It doesn't seem to be hampering his running though, so I decide not to worry about it. I will just say that it looks like there is still some gas left in that tank. My only hope is that it doesn't come down to whoever is healthy will start. HORN.

14 minutes are set on the clock and it is time for the light jogging and Hop, Skip and Jump routines. Robert Ayers starts dancing to the music playing. After that, the team stretches to Coach Tuten's barking and then they break off toward position drills. The ballcarriers run the gauntlet of hurdle pylons and the HORN blows.

Individual position drills go on for 5 minutes and then the HORN sounds. The Quarterbacks run end zone pass drills with the wide Receivers. HORN.

Five more minutes are set on the clock. The ball is spotted at the 20 yard line. The drill is 2 QB's, one on each hash mark, throwing to Running Back's and Wide Receiver's. They are competing against Linebackers and Defensive Backs. Justin Fargas makes a nice catch. Matthew Willis comes back to make a grab. Tebow passes to Lance Ball. Brady Quinn completes a pass to Spencer Larsen, who promptly runs up the sideline. Brian Dawkins breaks up a pass intended for Richard Quinn. HORN.

16 minutes is put on the clock. The ball is placed on the 40 yard line. 11 on 11's. Stanley Daniels is still getting reps to fill in for Chris Kuper. The Linebackers getting the 1st reps in this segment are Kevin Alexander, Devin Bishop, Nick Greisen and Jammie Kirlew. Lance Ball, Justin Fargas, Bruce Hall and Toney Baker split the carries and some of the runs are getting through the line to the second level. It looks like the Nose Tackle is missing and a 4-3 look is being used for  three or four plays. That may have been why the runs up the middle were so successful. J.D.Walton runs a lap for a mistake he made. It may have been because of a bad snap exchange. Eric Olsen takes his place. HORN.

The clock is reset to 8 minutes and the two Units switch sides. The 11 on 11's continue. Toney Baker is caught at the line of scrimmage twice in a row. Then Wesley Woodyard breaks up an Orton pass intended for Nathan Overbay. A Brady Quinn pass is complete to Overbay who is guarded by Nick Greisen. Tyler Polumbus takes issue with Justin Bannan and a little pushing and shoving ensue. It quickly gets shut down since they aren't in full pads. Tebow gets sacked by Mario Haggan. Bruce Hall gets an earful when a coach tells him to finish the @#$%&! play. So on the next play, he runs all the way to the end zone and everyone chuckles. Lance Ball is met at the line for no gain. Justin Fargas runs off the right side for 6 yards. Tim Tebow throws the ball away. HORN.

8 minutes are placed on the clock and the Kick Coverage Unit drills with the JUGG's machine. Britt Davis is returning for the Scout Team. They get two reps and then switch sides. The only advantage I see here is to make the ball boys hustle the JUGG's machine down to the opposite 20 yard line. Coach Priefer seems happy with the results he is seeing. However, they switch sides one more time and then practice onside kicks. HORN.

The clock resets to 5 minutes. The players return to their positional drills. The Quarterbacks go through passing drills with the Running Backs, Tight Ends and Wide Receivers. HORN.

9 minutes go on the clock. The Chain Gang mans the sideline. 6 on 7 drills (5 receivers and the QB vs. the Defense back seven). The 1at Nickel Unit is out on Defense. Champ Bailey breaks up an Orton pass intended for Brandon Lloyd. Orton comes back to Lloyd for a completion. The 2nd Nickel rotates in and the Offense moves from a 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB look, to a 4 WR, 1 RB set. Kyle Orton connects with Brandon Stokely on an inside out pattern. Brady Quinn comes in and completes a pass to Richard Quinn. Brady throws a pass a little high that goes through Lloyd's hands. Alric Arnett catches a pass on a comeback route in front of Champ. Tebow throws two passes to Patrick Carter. Carter catches the first and "Stone Hands" the second one. Arnett climbs the ladder to catch the next Tebow pass. Kyle Orton passes to a wide open Britt Davis who found the dead spot in the Defense's Zone Coverage. Orton then finds Stokely over the middle for as completion. HORN.

8 minutes go on the clock and the Units switch sides. Kyle passes to Lance Ball. On the next play, Orton holds the ball too long before throwing it away. Then Kyle hits Matthew Willis in front of Cassius Vaughn. A quick slant to Lloyd burns Vaughn a second time. Tebow to Willis connect over the middle. Orton completes a long pass down the middle to Stokely, who is guarded closely by Nate Jones. Jones gets even on the next play. He blitzes and picks up the sack when Ryan Harris misses his block. Orton passes incomplete intended for Arnett as Alphonso Smith defends.Brady Quinn to Willis but Jarvis Green has Quinn wrapped up. Tebow to Britt Davis on a short out. HORN.

8 minutes on the clock. They switch sides and the 1st Nickel Unit comes out for more 11 on 11's. The ball is placed at the 50 yard line and the Chains are marking progress. Orton throws to Brandon Stokely but Champ Bailey bumps the ball out of Brandon's hands for the interception. Orton completes to Patrick Carter with Robert Ayers applying pressure on the QB. Richard Quinn gets up holding his right shoulder, but continues on. Kyle leads Stokely too much on a quick slant and tells Brandon "My Bad." (Are you thinking what I'm thinking?). Kyle's pass attempt to Patrick Carter deep is broken up by Alphonso Smith as Ayers and Joe Mays meet at the QB. Tebow tosses left to Toney Baker who makes it around the corner. A Brady Quinn pass is dropped by Alric Arnett. The Defense blitzes and Andre' Goodman intercepts the ensuing jump ball over Matthew Willis. Orton side pass to Willis that goes incomplete because of a bad pass and a bad route. Cassius Vaughn picks the ball up off the turf and heads toward the end zone. Wink says it could be a live ball (lateral). He is happy that the Defense looked alive on the play. Kyle completes a pass to Willis over Cassius Vaughn. Darcel McBath sacks Tebow, HORN.

9 minutes go on the segment clock. 11 on 11 Red Zone drills. Kyle Orton complete to Brandon Lloyd. I notice that Robert Ayers and Mario Haggan are the Outside Linebackers. Orton complete to Brandon Stokely over the middle. Orton to Justin Fargas just misses on a fade in the end zone with Kevin Alexander covering. Fargas runs up the middle for a yard. Orton to Stokely on a sideline out. The ball is spotted on the 10 yard line. Bruce Hall runs up the middle for 4 yards. Tebow has to throw the ball away. The ball is spotted on the 5 yard line. Kyle draws the Defense offsides. Orton over the middle to Stokely for a touchdown. 2nd "Base" Defense comes out. LeKevin Smith, Perrish Cox, Wesley Woodyard, Chris Baker, Marcus Thomas, Joe Mays, Darcel McBath, Nate Jones (at Safety), Nick Greisen, Kevin Alexander and Alphonso Smith. Orton has a pass intended for Matthew Willis tipped away by Perrish Cox (good athletic play). Kyle passes complete to Willis with Phonz covering. HORN.

5 minutes on the clock. The Teams switch sides and continue 11 on 11's. The ball is on the 30 yard line. One minute hurry up Offense. Orton completes consecutive passes to Brandon Lloyd and Richard Quinn, then throws an incomplete pass to Lloyd. Kyle passes to Lloyd, who beats Perrish Cox and gets pushed out of bounds at the 5 yard line. HORN.

3 minutes on the clock and it's time for Field goal Blocking drills. The outside rushers practice laying out their bodies to block Field Goals. There is a mat for them to land on. The Linemen practice blocking Field Goals by penetrating the middle. HORN.

The players assemble at the Goal Line for full field sprints. They run 4 lengths and then an out to the 50 and back. Everyone claps for the linemen as Ben Garland sprints down the field. The team huddles at midfield, and then cools down. Autograph time. Jeff Stehle, Riar Geer, Devin Bishop, Jammie Kirlew, Kevin Alexander, Toney Baker, Alric Arnett, J.D.Walton, Zane Beadles, Eric Olsen, Perrish Cox, Kyle McCarthy and Tim Tebow are all signing autographs. I get Perrish Cox and Kyle McCarthy to sign a hat and then leave, as it's been a long day.

I started nodding off last night as I transcribed this, so please forgive the tardiness. at least I fed your fix right?

Go Broncos!