Preseason Game 3: Ask a Steelers Fan

Hello there Broncos fans. Last year this post was quite successful and I had a blast conversing with you all. If you are unfamiliar with the Steelers or have some questions I can field them for you. Also, I am sure a few more Steelers fans will make their way over to voice their opinion. If any of you have time, you should make your way over to BTSC, the Steelers SBN blog, and post a similar post. The Giants post last week got up to 800 comments in just a few days. However, that was mostly due to the Ben vs. Eli debate we had going.

I was really disappointed when I heard about Elvis Dumervil tearing his pectoral muscle. I like that guy; a shorter OLB with a huge motor, just like our James Harrison. Also, is Tim Tebow going to suit up for the game or are his ribs still grilled?

If you want to trash talk a bit, that is fine, just keep it mature. You can make Ben jokes, but I am sure I have already heard it before.

Fire away!

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