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John Elway, Terrell Davis Among SI's Latest 'Greatest' List

Just how many 'Greatest' lists are there? Plenty and SI.COM has just released another one. This time, columnist Richard Deitsch ranked the NFL's Greatest Players by their jersey number. That's right. By their jersey number. Where did the Broncos end up? Tied for 11th, with teams such as the Browns, Titans and Vikings.

So who made the list? The names probably won't surprise you.

John Elway was a lock at #7

Terrell Davis had little competition at #30

Shannon Sharpe beat out big brother Sterling to take #84.

Oh, and if you consider #90 Neil Smith more a Denver Broncos DT than Kansas City Chief, then Smith gets the nod, too. Winning two Super Bowls with the Broncos may hold Smith near and dear to our hearts, but SI has him firmly planted with the Chiefs.

Did they miss anyone?