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Tim Tebow Is #2 Quarterback, Will See Action Against Jaguars

In a move that has been expected since he was drafted, Tim Tebow will be listed as the #2 quarterback today in Jacksonville, and will see action.  This according to's Adam Schefter. 

Tebow has been told he will play Sunday, too. The Broncos have a package of plays that they have installed for Tebow to use in front of the Jacksonville crowd he grew up around.

Why is this not a surprise?  Many of us have thought that the Broncos would put a special package in for Tebow - be it short-yardage of Goal Line situations.

I am on record as saying that I am not a fan of creating gimmick-plays for Tebow.  I am hoping whatever the Broncos do, it works to continue Tebow's progress as a quarterback in the future, not turn him into a battering ram this year.

We'll soon find out what Josh McDaniels has up his sleeve for Tebow.