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FINAL - Jacksonville Jaguars 24 - Denver Broncos 17 Post-Game Open Thread

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I'll have more on the game later. For now, take a look at the stats and decompress amongst yourselves.A few thoughts to ponder.

  • I thought Special Teams would be a huge factor, and they were.  The Jags with 163 return yards, the Broncos 66. 
  • The Jags three TD drives were 60 yards, 53 yards, and 83 yards - of course, 30 yards in penalties on Ryan McBean actually made it 53 yards. Their field goal drive started at their own 48 yard-line.
  • In other words, the Broncos coverage teams gave the Jags a short field 3 different times, while McBean cut the field in half on their last Touchdown.

More to come....



Category Broncos Jaguars
Score 17 24
Rushing - Carries,Yards, YPC
25-89, 3.6 ypc 32-136, 4.3 ypc
Passing Yards
274 165
Total Yards 363 301
3rd Down % 3-10(30.0%) 3-10(30.0%)
T.O.P 30:30 29:30
2 0



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