A Great Loss

Let's set the stage...

  • This week a Bronco player killed himself, creating the ultimate team distraction.
  • The starting running back went down with an injury.
  • The starting cornerbacks were injured/out.
  • The right tackle was out leaving a rookie LG in his place.
  • The team was playing one of the top three teams from last year.
  • The Bronco's have been horrible against the run.
  • The Bronco's have been horrible running.
  • The Bronco's have been vulnerable to tight end passes.
  • Coverage on punt returns has been horrible.

The odds of winning this game were slim, at best. So why "A Great Loss"? Here's why:

  • We held Indianapolis to 40 yards That's a 1.8 yard gain per attempt.
  • The tight end was held to 44 yards (7 targets).
  • We allowed 4 yards total in punt return yards.
  • Punting 47.7 yards per punt.
  • This is the best the pass protection has looked all season. Orton the best protection he's had all season.
  • It was costly, but Orton only threw 1 interception in 57 passes.
  • 476 yards passing against a team that knows we can't run.
  • Brandon Lloyd - 6 receptions, 169 yards
  • Jabbar Gaffney - 12 receptions, 140 yards
  • Receptions by 9 players
  • Cox is a rookie, the fumble on a return was going to happen eventually. He'll improve.
  • The missed touchdown by Damaryious Thomas was a rookie issue, it'll get better.
  • We missed a touchdown by inches. It was so close it was originally called a touchdown.
  • If we'd made a couple less mistakes at the beginning, coach would have gone for the field goals. We were very close to a very different game.
  • We'll be able to open our offense when the offensive line is healthy. For now, we've been keeping back RB's & tight ends to help out the injured offensive line.
  • Character counts...This team did not give up and still had a shot to win in the fourth quarter.
  • Did I mention we were playing a team that was in the Super Bowl last year?
  • Did I mention we were playing against one of the best quarterbacks in the game?
  • Did you notice how this team has improved it's play in every game?
  • Did you notice our backup players are playing better than the ones we had two years ago?
Yes, there are still some issues with this team and we're going to lose more games this season. The Bronco's are moving in the right direction and the future does look bright.
Don't get caught up in the moment of the loss. The Bronco's are moving in the right direction.

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