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NFL Power Rankings: Week 4 - Where The Broncos Stand

Though Power Rankings might only be relevant to die hard college football fans, they are a guilty pleasure of NFL fans across the globe.

We all wonder what other people are saying about the Broncos during the week, and obviously if you look here you're wondering what they are saying after a loss.

The Broncos still have a lot to prove, so the rankings out there right now are pretty grim, so read if you dare...

SB Nation Rankings

Rank: 26th (Last week, 25th)

The Broncos move down a spot in the rankings, but because they have a top passing offense and a top 10 run defense, they should be rated much higher than 25th. Not an accurate ranking, if you ask me.


Tough test against the Colts last week and I didn't think they had much of a chance. The good news is that Kyle Orton is off to a solid start at quarterback. There's hope in Denver.


ESPN Power Rankings

Rank: 23rd (last week, 22nd)

Again, this is too low of a ranking. I think the Broncos are a middle of the pack team until they either start losing badly or prove they can be a top tier team. Obviously, you have to take all factors into account. Moving down one spot after losing to the Colts (#3) is kind of pointless, but I digress.

Offense needs to figure out the red zone after Indy debacle. (Kuharsky)



Football Outsiders DVOA Ratings

Rank: 22nd (last week, 22nd)

I don't pretend to understand how these guys come up with these ratings, but it's hard to argue with statistics. They rank the Broncos as the #11 offense and #28 defense.



 CBS Sports Power Rankings


Rank: 26th (last week, 25th)



Again, this is far too low. I don't think the Broncos are among the six worst teams in the NFL, but they did lose to one. I think the analysis explains how much Broncos football the "ranker" watched on Sunday.

They face a tough Tennessee team on the road with a chance to fall to 1-3. Kyle Orton is making plays, but he's not getting a lot of help.




Yahoo! Sports Power Rankings


 Rank: 22nd



The analysis from Yahoo! introduces readers to Kyle Orton the "gunslinger." Obviously Yahoo! is catching on that Orton is a good quarterback, but this is still a little low for the Broncos in my opinion.
 Rankings (Jason La Canfora)


 Rank: 19th



 This is probably about where I would have expected people to rank the Broncos. You could say we've played better than the Chargers and Vikings, but 16/17 is probably the limit right now, so 19 isn't out of the question by any means. I think La Canfora offers the Broncos a fair rating here, putting them below San Diego and Minnesota (other 1-2 teams).


Josh McDaniels’ odd fourth-down decision could hang over his head for a long time.



NFL Fan House Power Rankings


Rank: 21st (last week, 20th)


Fan House thinks the Broncos need to put whatever they have together quickly because Kansas City already has a two game lead in the division. We had a 6-0 start last year, and it did nothing because we were simly an average team. The Chiefs are an average team, but they are playing well right now. The Broncos need to play well, either way.

The Broncos simply were outclassed by Indianapolis at home Sunday. That's not a huge surprise. They are running out of time, though, because with rival Kansas City at 3-0, Denver has to get it together fast if they want to have a chance in the AFC West.