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All Ready! Your 2010 Denver Broncos 53-man Roster

Quarterback (3) Kyle Orton Defensive Ends (4) Justin Bannan
  Tim Tebow   Le Kevin Smith
  Brady Quinn   Ryan McBean
      Marcus Thomas
Running back (4) Knowshon Moreno  
  Bruce Hall    
  Correll Buckhalter Defensive Tackles (2) Ronald Fields
  Lance Ball   Jamal Williams
 Fullback (1) Spencer Larsen  
     Linebackers (8) D.J. Williams
    Baraka Atkins
Tight End (3) Daniel Graham   Mario Haggan
  Dan Gronkowski   Joe Mays
  Richard Quinn   Jarvis Moss
      Wesley Woodyard
Wide Receivers (6) Demaryius Thomas   Jason Hunter
  Eddie Royal   Robert Ayers
  Matthew Willis
  Jabar Gaffney Cornerbacks (6) Andre Goodman
  Eric Decker   Nate Jones
  Brandon Lloyd   Cassius Vaughn
    Champ Bailey
      Perrish Cox
Offensive Line (9) J.D. Walton  Syd'Quan Thompson
  Chris Kuper  
  Russ Hochstein  Safeties (4) Darcel McBath
  Eric Olsen   Renaldo Hill
  Ryan Harris   David Bruton
  Ryan Clady   Brian Dawkins
  D'Anthony Batiste    
  Stanley Daniels Special (3) Matt Prater
  Zane Beadles   Britton Colquitt
    Lonnie Paxton

Immediate Reaction and Notes

  • Keep in mind, there could still be moves!  Tweaking will continue for at least another 48 hours, and as the practice squad gets filled up.
  • I am honestly a little surprised by Batiste, due to the preseason, but I also realize beggars can't be choosers.  We still need to work on our OL depth, but I feel a lot better now than I did 3 months ago.  Lets get the real games started already!
  • A 6-man rotation on the DL is just a tad bit troubling, but it certainly rules out relying on 4-3 very much this year, since out OLB depth would be activated primarily for STs...
  • 10 DBs again this year.  This is an example of keeping the best players regardless of position.  I expect the makeup of the backfield depth to change somewhat in response to McBath getting healthy.  Keep in mind that we saw more names than this last year, just spread out more to accommodate injuries.  We seem to be capitalizing on Bruton and McBath's quick development, and carrying the extra CBs early. 
  • McDaniels cut bait with a number of players, including Seth Olsen.  I was never a fan of the Seth Olsen pick (sorry Sayre!) because I didn't like the "fit" (though I love OL products from Iowa as a general rule).