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'The Big Vick' Brings The Mean

While we still don't  know who the Broncos will release to make room for Kevin Vickerson, rumor has it Le Kevin Smith will be released, if the thoughts from his most recent stop in the NFL mean anything, he could be a solid pickup - especially at a position of need for the Broncos.

Vickerson, who spent the past couple of season with the Tennessee Titans, certainly has knowledge of the Broncos Week 1 opponent - the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In a story from the August 13th, the Seattle PI called Vickerson a 'mountain of a man' and a 'large fellow with a mean streak when he's between the white lines'

To his credit, Vickerson likes it that way.

"They want me to be a big, nasty dude in the middle and that's what I am, you can't be nice in there. You've got to be a dominating force. You've got to have that mindset of coming out dominating every play, every day."

Vickerson also seems to have the right mindset for a defensive lineman.  Do whatever it takes.

"I'm a big dude," he said. "If they want somebody to take on two guys and clog the two-gap, that's what I'm going to do. If they want me to blitz or whatever, I'll do what they ask. I'm just trying to get it to where I can be an impact player."

Another 'team-first' player in the Broncos locker room.  You just can't have enough guys like 'The Big Vick'.