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50 Years Ago Today... The Broncos Beat The Patriots In The First AFL Game

Football is back, and the Broncos are preparing to play their first game of the 2010 season in a couple days. 50 yearrs ago, however, the AFL was an infant league trying to play with the big boys of the NFL. The first game of that league's history took place on September 9,1960 between the Denver Broncos and the Boston Patriots.

The Broncos won that first game 13-10. It obviously contained many firsts, including the first AFL touchdown - a 59-yard pass from Frank Tripucka to HB Al Carmichael.

While I was not around to see those early years in Broncos history, many MHR members were. Please feel free to once again share your memories in the comments. While 2009 was celebrated as the 50th Anniversary Season of the Broncos and the AFL, we should also remember key moments in Broncos history, including their first ever game, a win over the Boston Patriots.