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John Fox Hired As Head Coach--Who Will He Bring With Him?

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos and new Head Coach John Fox on getting a deal done today. Fox will become the 14th head coach of the franchise, and will take over a team coming off of one of the worst seasons in franchise history, and the worst since teams started playing 16 games.

Fox has his work cut out for him, but this is a time for Broncos fans to be optimistic. Even though Fox has been hired, there is still uncertainty surrounding the rest of Denver's coaching staff, but NFL Network's Jason La Canfora had some insight into who Fox could potentially bring in on NFL Network earlier today.

La Canfora called Jim Mora Jr. (a current NFL Network employee) and Danny Smith (Washington Redskins Special Teams Coordinator) two "strong candidates" to be the Broncos' defensive coordinator and special teams coordinator respectively. Here is what La Canfora had to say about the potential moves:

"Mora has head coaching experience and Fox has recently been in contact with him. Fox wanted to hire Smith last year and Skins blocked it. But Smith did not sign an extension with the Skins and would be a free agent. Would be the makings of a strong staff."

My guess would be that Fox had a plan in place when he interviewed with Denver, and needed to get to work right away in order to secure the staff that he wants. Interesting connections here, and we will see how the Broncos move forward.

It's also being speculated that Mike McCoy will be retained as the Broncos' offensive coordinator. McCoy worked for Fox in Carolina as the quarterbacks coach, and called the plays for the Broncos in the last four games of the season.