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Open Thread: John Fox Press Conference

John Fox is set to take the podium at Noon MST (2 pm EST).

You can find the live press conference by clicking the link.

John Fox was introduced to the Carolina Panthers in 2002 and took their 1-15 team to a 7-9 record in just one year. The next year, they were in the Super Bowl. Hopefully, he can have similar success in Denver, where he'll take control of a 4-12 team that boasted the worst defense in the NFL (32nd in both points allowed and yards allowed). 

Among the many points he's likely to cover during the press conference, most notable will be his future plans for Tim Tebow and the scheme he is looking forward to using on defense. Both Elway and Fox are already on record stating that Tim Tebow has his work cut out for him if he wants to become a quality quarterback, but I don't think there is any denying that Tim is willing to put in the hard work. Defensively, I don't anticipate Fox giving a clear-cut answer during this press conference. As of yesterday, it seemed that the Broncos were still undecided and will likely remain so until a defensive coodinator is hired. 

Watch and listen to the press conference using the link provided, above. Feel free to use this open thread to discuss the introduction of our new head coach... and, as always, Go Broncos!