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Jim Mora Leaves Denver Without Signing a Deal

No deal in place yet for Mora as DC. He spent the day at Dove Valley meeting with Fox + staff, but flew out this evening.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

After all the speculation about Jim Mora becoming the Broncos defensive coordinator today, it might not happen, after all. Jim Mora is expected to go to Philadelphia where he will interview for their defensive coordinator position.

This is not to say that a deal with Mora "will not happen". There's always the possibility that Mora will search out other options, decide he is a better fit in Denver, and sign a deal later. However, that remains to be seen. Mora spent the better part of 24 hours in Denver. It appeared the Broncos were trying bring Mora aboard by locking him inside the complex until he signed a contract, much like Mike Shanahan did with Howard Griffith in 1997. If, indeed, that' what they were doing, they didn't do it very well. Jim Mora left Denver earlier this evening.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals are both rumored to be interested in Mora.