Packer Nation Reaches Out to Broncos Fans

I just received this from a friend of mine. He asked me to share this with Broncos Country, so here you go.

I know who I'll be rooting for this weekend and I urge you all to do the same.


Please share this with Bronco Nation.
While we play in different conferences, The Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers are forver linked by one of the all time great Superbowls. Sadly, we did not come out on top - but Denver won fair and square and it was an historically thrilling game.
During my time in Los Angeles, I have come to know several die hard Broncos fans and I respect and admire the passion they have for their team and the sport. Like Packer backers, Broncos fans are vocal and knowledgable. Their stadium sells out every week. They play in cold weather. They are a classic team. In so many ways we are kindred spirits. More recently, both franchises have dealt with a painful departure of a talented quarterback. We don't need to discuss Brett Favre any more. Trust me, we're so over it. However, Jay Cutler simply cannot succeed. He must be stopped. Good must triumph over evil. That's how ot works. Our hatred for this mouth breathing poser and his sad sack Chicago Bears runs deep. The Packer Nation is issuing a call to arms, rallying support from our brothers in Denver. This weekend, we ask that you cheer for our team as the Packers set out to crush the dirtbag that screwed Denver over. Thank you.
Lastly, ask any Packer fan. Switch back to the orange jerseys. You have our vote!

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