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NFL Week 17 - San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Pre-Game Open Thread


The Broncos and Chargers are both playing for little more than pride - and possibly their jobs today at Invesco Field.  For Tim Tebow it is a last opportunity to impress incoming VP John Elway and whomever the new Head Coach is.  Tebow has played well under the pressure and that has me excited.

In other news, Champ Bailey may have played his final game as a Denver Bronco.  He is inactive today against the Chargers.


Kyle Orton (3rd QB)
CB Champ Bailey
DB Chevis Jackson
RB Laurence Maroney
OL Jeff Byers
OL Stanley Daniels
DL Louis Leonard
OL Eric Olsen

Bftb-sm_medium For everything that is anything regarding the Chargers, check out BFTBBftb-sm_medium

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