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The Future of the Denver Broncos Begins Now


The Denver Broncos lost to the San Diego Chargers, but the pieces are starting to fall in place for this team and its future, which about a month ago was bleak at best.

Three weeks ago, Tim Tebow took over as the quarterback, and the future became a little clearer today when John Elway officially joined the Denver Broncos' front office, and it's being reported that one of his first orders of business is to talk to Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh about the Broncos' coaching vacancy.

This week, it is likely the Broncos will begin the interviewing process for their head coaching vacancy, and the offseason officially began when nobody caught Tim Tebow's hail mary. The Broncos put out quite an effort today to make the impossible possible, and they actually had a decent chance at it, but it just wasn't in the cards. Not today, not this season.

I have to say though, I have not enjoyed watching this team more in the last few years than I have the last two weeks. They have showed some serious heart on both sides of the ball, and seeing D.J. Williams and Wesley Woodyard absolutely plant Philip Rivers into the ground was close to the highlight of my season.

If there was a way to positively end the worst season in franchise history, this was it. I suppose it's because I feel this team has given me and many other fans some hope going forward, and there will certainly be a new cast of characters joining the fray next year. Here is a primer for what could potentially be the most important offseason this franchise has had in its storied history, or at least the last two decades.

Elway In the House

John Elway has been part of the organization in certain capacities since he left, but now he is officially a member of the front office. Personally, I am excited about this. I don't know how Elway evaluates talent, but I know that he won a lot of games and he has seen a lot more football than any of us have. It is going to be nice to have him on board, and it's exciting to think about what he will bring to the franchise.

As I mentioned earlier, Elway is going to talk to Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh about the Broncos' head coaching vacancy, but Harbaugh already has potential coaching positions lined up with his alma-mater Michigan, and the San Francisco 49ers reportedly want him as well.

Michigan is a rebuilding project to me. They have a lot of good pieces, but right now, they are one of the worst defenses I have ever witnessed, and they are losing a big name recruit with the uncertainty surrounding Rich Rodriguez. Harbaugh could certainly attempt to return Michigan to prominence as he did for the Cardinal, but who knows? It has to be an attractive option to him.

I don't understand the intrigue for San Francisco, but it makes sense since Harbaugh likely would not have to move. We should not assume this guy is lazy though, and moving likely will not be an issue for him. He can make a new home if he wants, and the 49ers have some nice pieces but who is going to be their quarterback?

Harbaugh has to be intrigued about the possibility of coaching Tim Tebow, and he recently made some comments on Tebow indicating he has a very positive feeling toward the Broncos' rookie signal caller. You can read those comments here.

I do not mean to promote Harbaugh as though he is going to for sure be Denver's next head coach, but it seems he is very high on Elway's list, and we shouldn't take that lightly.

The myth out there right now is that Elway is conspiring to bring Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck into the fray. I am not saying it's impossible, but if a new front office comes in and sells all of their draft picks to take another quarterback, I will be sick.

Tim Tebow has proven that he is the quarterback of the future of this team, and it is my personal opinion that no coach should be hired without committing to Tebow. This is not because I personally like Tebow, even though I do like him and thought he was worthy of a top ten pick in the draft, but because quarterback is not the problem with the Denver Broncos.

The problem right now is the defense, and we have four picks in the  top 70. Those picks should not be packaged for Andrew Luck, they should be used on impact defensive players, preferably two stud defensive linemen, a cornerback, and a tight end or safety.

It appears as though Brian Xanders is returning as the team's general manager, and he has indicated that the team will focus on defense in the coming draft. This is not rocket science, and while Xanders is clearly a good mathematician or whatever it is that he does with numbers and money, he does not have to be a genius to see what is wrong with this team.

It's the defense.

Sure, the Broncos could use a weapon or two on the offensive side of the ball. Andrew Luck? Love the kid as a prospect, but no thanks. Should that wind up happening, consider me disappointed and downright ticked off.

The Broncos now possess the 2nd, 34th, 47th, and 66th picks in the up-coming draft. As uncool as it was to go 4-12, it is very cool that we are going to be getting some of the top talent available in the college draft.

Not to mention, Elvis Dumervil will be back next season, automatically improving the pass rush.

The biggest question to me is who the Broncos will retain or bring in for coordinators. I don't see anyone but Studesville returning next season, and the players obviously enjoyed playing for him. It would be cool to see him stay on as an assistant.

I do not know who they could look to to run the offense and defense, but I am sure excited to find out. Here's to a great offseason, Broncos fans.