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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 1/21/11


Q&A: With Elway and Xanders now running the show, Broncos can't afford to bomb in the draft - The Denver Post
Since 2005, the Broncos have drafted 45 players, and only 22 are on the roster. Do you think they have the right scouting staff and the right people now to draft some quality players who will be good in the long run?

Will Broncos coach Fox wait on Trgovac? - The Denver Post
With a major spot still open on his coaching staff, Broncos head coach John Fox may have to wait to talk to the candidate he knows best.

John Fox: Caretaker of the Denver Broncos & the Tim Tebow Experiment - XTRA Point Football
After less than two years in Denver, the Josh McDaniels experiment was terminated. McDaniels tore down a well put together team. Granted the team had problems, especially on the defensive side of the ball...or perhaps I should say, just on the defensive side of the bal as Mike Shanahan had the 2nd ranked offense in his last season with the Broncos. It became apparent that Shanahan was just throwing darts at a dart board holding a list of potential defensive talent in his last few years in Denver as Shanahan's defense ranked 29th in his last season there. The non-attention to defense is what became his downfall and would lead to the Shanahan era ending in the Mile High city.

Keep an eye on what Denver does with Orton |
There are those in Denver who aren't buying new Broncos coach John Fox's coachspeak when it comes to who the heck will start at QB in 2011.

Rodgers, Gase Named to Broncos’ Staff " MaxDenver
Two more coaches are in the Broncos’ fold, and they follow the pattern of the hires announced this week: one from the Broncos’ previous staff, and the other from Carolina’s staff in 2010.

Bailey's agent says he still hasn't been contacted by the Broncos - KDVR
As the Broncos work diligently to make over their franchise, a lot of questions have been asked about the organization's future.

Mock draft mania - AFC West Blog - ESPN
The first mock drafts of ESPN draft gurus Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have been released in Insider pieces. Earlier this week, I put out my first AFC We

Brian Xanders: Broncos GM talks NFL Draft, defense and Champ Bailey - The Denver Post
In this edition of "Fan Mail," Denver Broncos general manager Brian Xanders tackles fans questions about the NFL Draft, Champ Bailys future and big changes at Dove Valley.

Analysis: Final four in NFL playoffs offer lessons, especially about defense and coaches' egos - The Denver Post
A one-season sample would certainly never constitute a trend to those who track such things. But there are some things that are worth looking at with the leagues final four this Sunday.

McDaniels Moves On " MaxDenver
Upon signing a two-year contract to become the St. Louis Rams’ offensive coordinator, former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels spoke of the clarity of the task in front of him — something he inferred was lacking in Denver.

Roger Goodell says 'round-the-clock' talks needed in CBA fight -
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reflected on Wednesday's meeting with NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith in an appearance on ESPN on Thursday