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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 1/23/11


Packers assistant says he would listen to Broncos | All Things Broncos
Green Bay Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac said publicly in Green Bay today he would listen to the Broncos if they wished to wait to interview him for Denver’s opening for defensive coordinator.

Former Bronco's view of Super Bowl titles changes as career nears end - The Denver Post
"It happened so fast and so quick. It was cool to play in the Super Bowl, but you don't grip it. Even up until a couple of years ago, I didn't understand how special it is," Pryce said Friday in a phone interview. "I took it for granted for a long time. When you're 20, you're like, so what? It was like I didn't have to work for it. I didn't have to wait."

Beauty must be in eye of the beholder - The Denver Post Kicking it with the kiz....[Ed.Note-I challenge you to make it past my mark, which was about halfway through the article.- styg]

Dan Rooney: 'I would rather not have the money' | National Football Post
Rooney is not in favor of expanding the regular season to 18 games, which makes him different from his ownership brethren. [Ed.Note- This is a good reminder that the NFL owners are not necessarily on the smae page in terms of the value of a lockout. Power groups within groups, but you have to admit, the owners do an above average job of feigning solidarity. -styg]

Klis: Cutler's departure led to McDaniels' - The Denver Post
What do we have two years after the Imperfect Storm at Dove Valley? Shanahan is fine. He's the head coach of the Washington Redskins. McDaniels is fine. He's a coordinator again with arguably the best young quarterback in the NFL. Bates and the Broncos have been squeezed.


Bundle up in Steeltown | National Football Post
Single-digit temperatures are predicted for Sunday evening by the National Weather Service. That would make it the coldest Steelers home playoff game ever. "It's shaping up as one of the coldest games here that I can remember," meteorologist Brad Rehak of the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "Going back to the 1970s with the Raiders-Steelers games."

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
But acquiring talent alone only gets a team so far. The team has to put the pieces together, have a vision and be committed to the vision. The general manager’s job is also about making sure everyone is on the same page and working together toward the same goal. It’s keeping people from drifting. It’s putting out fires. It’s balancing short term goals with long term ones. It’s making everyone accountable. It’s administration. It’s budget appropriation. news: St. Paul bar to roast bear for Packers-Bears game
Montpetit says he planned to serve the meat to customers, but the state health department rejected the plan because the meat is unprocessed. Instead, customers can take photos with the roasting bear [Ed. Note - Personally, bear has to be the gamiest meat out there. And that bar isn't exactly going to smell great while its cooking...-styg] news: Jets CB Cromartie takes swipe at Steelers WR Ward
During an interview Friday on SportsNet New York, Cromartie said the Steelers wide receiver is not "man enough to hit you when you're looking at him." Ward is widely considered one of the league's most aggressive receivers, with some opponents calling him dirty.


Ten players who likely improved their draft stock - NFL - -
DT David Carter, UCLA: The 6-feet-5, 298-pound Carter was one of many defensive linemen who feasted on inferior offensive line talent. Carter demonstrated good burst up the field and the strength to hold up in the running game. Carter enjoyed a strong week of practice leading up to the game, prompting scouts to wonder where this production had been earlier in the year. news: Syracuse RB Carter named MVP of East-West Shrine Game
Syracuse running back Delone Carter ran for a touchdown and was selected the offensive MVP in the East's 25-8 victory over the West on Saturday in the East-West Shrine Game.

Julio Jones or A. J. Green — who do you take? | National Football Post
I hope both decide to participate at the Combine next month. There are two groups of wide receivers at the Combine, with an equal number of players in each group. They are grouped alphabetically so both Jones and Green will most likely be in the same group. Assuming this happens, they will be competing against each other doing the same drills on the same surface, in the same place at the same time in front of the same people. You can’t ask for a more equal competition and it would be really fun to watch.

Five prospects who need a big week in Mobile | National Football Post
For a guy his size, Miami DL Allen Bailey is one heck of an athlete. He’s a long-armed kid with natural power in his lower half, runs extremely well in pursuit and can consistently make plays off his frame. However, when evaluating his play this season, he’s not a real playmaker or natural pass rusher on the outside.