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Tebow Or Not Tebow, That Is Hardly The Question

The worst season in Denver Broncos history is finished.  Finally.  Sure, there were 1-win teams during the 60's, and this team probably had more talent than many of those teams, but 12 losses?  In one season?  It's never happened.  My hope is it never happens again.  It has pulled at the very fabric that holds Broncos Country together.  I see the comments.  I see the bickering, battling, personal attacking going on.  It sucks.  Losing sucks.  I think we can all agree on that.  The season is over now and the time to look forward has started.  A new VP in the front office.  A new Head Coach on the sidelines.  Undoubtedly several new players as well.  Hope springs eternal.

Of course, there is this crazy notion that a choice needs to be made about Tim Tebow.  Right now.  I don;t know who started that rumor, or why people continue to debate it.  Tim Tebow played hard, he led, he won, he lost, he made mistakes, he made some magic.  He did all the tings that many of us figured he would do once he got on the field.  He was, in fact, a rookie on an awful football team.  The results said as much.

Right now, however, Tim Tebow is the last thing the Broncos need to worry about.  Right now there are no less than 3 football teams looking for Head Coaches other than the Denver Broncos - Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers - and there could be three more in the near future with the Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals quite possibly looking to make changes.  While there are plenty of solid candidates out there, that number is going to dwindle in a hurry, especially in the Coordinator rankings.

The Broncos need to target the guy the want and go hard after him.  Call it "Fire With Focus".  They need to be deliberate, but must have a sense of urgency.  Most importantly, to me, Tim Tebow should not be a requirement.  That type of thinking scares me.  It's not that I don't like Tebow.  I do, alot.  And this has nothing to do with Andrew Luck, Kyle Orton or any other quarterback.  This has to do with allowing a Head Coach to have input in the players that his job depends on. 

Now, unlike in the past, there is supposedly going to be a group that determines personnel.  John Elway, Brian Xanders, the new Head Coach, all will have to be a team with who is on the field and who is not.  Perhaps Elway - with no experience as a personnel guy - is the best person to have input on Tebow being that he was one of the greatest quarterbacks ever - at any level.  We have to trust that, right? 

Maybe or maybe not, but whoever the Broncos bring in to be the 3rd part of the power triangle must have input into all 53 players on the roster.  This is a 4-12 football team.  The defense is awful, the offense isn't much better.  Every time you make a coaching change it is starting over, recovering from failure.  The Broncos are doing that again, and to be successful they must do it right.

At this point, on January 3, 2011, I could not care less about who the quarterback of the Denver Broncos is in 2011.  It isn't the pressing need a team with no coaching staff and a rookie executive has at this point.  What I do care about is finding the best Head Coach and coaching staff the Broncos can find - and not handcuffing the selection process because of any player. 

I guess the point of all this is simple.  No matter what you or I think of Tim Tebow, now isn't the time to waste our energy on it.  The Broncos have the #2 pick in the Draft and, unfortunately, have earned it.  They need to get the group in place, as soon as possible, that is going to make the decisions that will chart the course, success or failure of the Broncos moving forward.

Tebow or Not Tebow?  Hardly.  Who Will Lead The Broncos Into The Future?  That is the question!