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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 1/31/11



Krieger: NFL should reward UNC student's act - The Denver Post
I asked Signora, the NFL spokesman, if the league might do something for the student who reported the attempt to sell media credentials. "We learned of this several days ago through a member of the public that contacted us directly to question the legitimacy of the ad," he replied. Um, I know. That's why I asked.

AFC All-Stars vs. NFC All-Stars - Recap - January 30, 2011 - ESPN
But just when it appeared it would be the most one-sided game in Pro Bowl history, eclipsing the Joe Theismann-led 45-3 NFC rout of the AFC in 1984, the AFC scored three touchdowns in a row. The last came on the game's seventh turnover, when Devin Hester tried to hand the kickoff return to Hall, but the ball fell to the turf. Montell Owens of Jacksonville scooped it up and ran it in 10 yards for the score to make it 42-21 with 10 minutes left in the third quarter.

Online OT: Video Highlights and Commentary about the NFL - Fox Sports on MSN
Watch Online OT: Pro Bowl Highlights


Sam Bradford Hopes to Follow Peyton Manning's Path -- NFL FanHouse
Bradford likes the idea of playing four-, even five-receiver sets to open up the passing attack. It's not, however, as if the Rams were married to the run this past season. The team was confident in its rookie quarterback, as evidenced by Bradford breaking several of Manning's rookie passing marks, including pass completions (354) and pass attempts (590).

Tennessee Titans to seek trade for QB Vince Young, sources say - ESPN
Thus, from the moment the new CBA is signed, Tennessee will have a 10-day window in which to trade Young and his contract that calls for $8.5 million in base salary during the 2011 season.

Tag, you're it Michael Vick - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Vick obviously would prefer a long-term contract, but he'll be soothed by the estimated $20 million that he'll make in 2011, which is the average salary for the five highest-paid quarterbacks in the league. Now the Eagles can think about fielding offers for backup quarterback Kevin Kolb, who is still coveted despite losing his job to Vick early in the 2010 season. news: Report: Packers aide Perry draws interest from Raiders, too
The Raiders are interested in talking to Perry, according to Bay Area News Group, which also reported Sunday that Chuck Bresnahan recently interviewed with the team for its linebackers coach job. Perry, the Green Bay Packers' safeties coach, served as the Raiders' secondary coach in 2007 and 2008 before going to Green Bay. The Raiders need a defensive coordinator to replace John Marshall, whom new coach Hue Jackson chose not to retain. news: Akers calls his daughter's cancer struggle 'a smack of reality'
After the game, fans railed against Akers, who has been the Eagles' kicker since 1999, and coach Andy Reid said: "We can all count. Those points would have helped." The coach's comments affected Akers since he knew Reid was aware of the situation with his daughter, according to the newspaper. The team even excused Akers from practice so he could be with Halley for her two-hour examination and an ultrasound.

Super Bowl Offers Chance to Party With Stars - - For A Price -
A 'stageside cabana' with high-end drinks and a hostess for a dozen people will set you back $80,000 although if you can settle for a table for 10 with champagne and 'premium bottles' you will be dancing the night away for just $35,000.

Pittsburgh Steelers 'really don't care' about being called dirty - Super Bowl XLV -
"This ain't flag football. So, of course, some collisions are going to occur, some more serious than others," Taylor explained. "Hopefully when guys do get hit, you would like for guys at least to get up. Whether they get up slow or fast, people would like for a guy to get up on his own. A lot of times that don't happen. But that's all a part of the game."

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
ome teams can risk becoming too specialized in how they are put together, and they don’t have the versatility to adapt to different conditions. The Saints are an example of a team that was deadly in a dome, but probably would have struggled to win in Green Bay or Pittsburgh late in the year. The Patriots have always been one of the best teams about being able to take advantage of whatever playing conditions they have been faced with.Beaver County Times: VLOG: Steelers may play a game in Ireland next season

Ochocinco turns his attention to Mike Brown | ProFootballTalk
"If you have a business is it right for the people that work for you to care more about success than the rightful owner itself?" Ochocinco asked Sunday.

Dolphins’ coaches found Brandon Marshall "difficult" | ProFootballTalk
Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that there have been questions around the league about why the Dolphins moved Karl Dorrell from receivers coach to quarterbacks coach, a position he has never held at any level. But one clue as to why the Dolphins took Dorrell off the receivers coach job comes from an unnamed Dolphins staffer who told Jackson that handling Marshall was difficult at times for Dorrell.

NFL DRAFT - All-time greats and busts among defensive top picks
Top picks on the defensive side of the ball are not only rare but also risky. While there have been a fair share of offensive busts at the top pick, most recently QB JaMarcus Russell, there have been a fair number of busts on defense, even with a smaller sample size. We looked at the last seven defensive players selected No. 1 overall, dating back to 1985, and examined how they fared in their NFL careers.


Letters - Of War and Peace in N.F.L. Contracts -
Like others who have experienced a war’s destruction firsthand, Mr. Upshaw and I (and others) came to see the value of peace. An extraordinary game, coupled with reasonable revenue and cost-sharing, soon created the means to achieve it.

What’s at Stake in the N.F.L.’s Labor Talks -
Both sides are starting to feel the pinch of a potential lockout. Owners are hearing from local sponsors and luxury suite holders that they do not want to renew contracts without an assurance that games will be played — troubling news for small-market teams with narrower margins and owners who have to pay enormous debt service on new or renovated stadiums. Major sponsors are likely to be reluctant to negotiate extensions without knowing what the future looks like.

The NFL's Collective Fumbling
In the short term, the loss of the NFL will wipe as much as $3 billion in ad revenue off the books at the four networks. Fox has the most skin in the game, having generated north of $975 million in ad dollars with its Sunday NFC package. Per industry estimates, NBC hauled in some $850 million courtesy of its Sunday Night Football juggernaut, while CBS’ AFC coverage churned up around $825 million. Per terms of its rights deal, ESPN’s Monday Night Football carries the lightest spot load, with ad sales adding up to around $175 million.

Duncan: NFL lockout would be a losing move for everyone " Times Record News
Like it or not, an NFL lockout will happen in March. It's about as unavoidable as one of those Category 5 hurricanes swirling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Monte Poole: NFL lockout looming larger - San Jose Mercury News
With 35 days until then, both sides are resorting to posturing, as happens when there is a looming conflict. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association director DeMaurice Smith are snorting and sniping and making the expected threats. They are playing games with each other, orchestrating campaigns designed to catch any drop of sympathy the public may have.

Chiefs lay off eleven, including Pete Moris | ProFootballTalk
Spotted at the Super Bowl XLV media center, where Moris is one of many team P.R. staffers assisting with the mammoth credentialing and media relations undertaking, Moris was in very good spirits. He spoke favorably of the Chiefs, and he jokingly taped the words "unrestricted free agent" over the Chiefs logo on the shirt he was wearing.

Some league insider remain convinced impasse, not lockout, is coming | ProFootballTalk
But some league insiders remain convinced that the NFL is bluffing about a lockout, and that come March 4 the league will declare an impasse and impose the terms of its last, best offer before the impasse was reached.

Sports books could take big hit if NFL has work stoppage - Business -
If a lockout occurred, Vaccaro said, he could see a shift toward college football wagering as the NCAA and television networks, such as ESPN, move games to Sunday and Monday to fill holes in their broadcast schedules. "There is more interest in betting on college football, but it won't replace the interest in professional football,"