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Can John Elway Bring The Broncos Back... One More Time?

John Elway has officially been named the V.P. of Football Operations for the Broncos. That means everything on the football side of things falls under his watchful eye. During his career, in which Elway won more games than anyone before him -148- a record that stood until a couple years ago when Brett Favre compiled broke it, John had a penchant for bringing the Broncos back from impossible odds. 48 times, Elway brought the Broncos back in the 4th quarter. Now, an executive, Elway is once again tasked with bringing the Broncos back - both on and off the field - from dire circumstances.

A roster with eroded talent. A reputation stained by 'spygate 2'. The negative aura that surrounds losing. All are on Elway's plate as he prepares to meet the world for the first time as the man responsible for a National Football League franchise.

There are concerns, plenty of them. Elway does have his experience from the Arena League - running the Colorado Crush and leading them to a championship in 2005 - but the NFL goes beyond the AFL, beyond car dealerships and restaurants. Can Elway bring the Broncos back one more time?

While the team continues looking for a new Head Coach, decides on a plan for the NFL Draft in which they hold the #2 overall pick, and prepares for an off-season filled with uncertainty, the Broncos today will introduce hope back into Broncos Country. WIll it work? No one knows, but I'll say this. Anyone betting against John Elway is a fool. Just ask any Browns fan, or those that said Elway would never win the 'Big One'. John Elway is a winner. If anyone can bring the Broncos back he can. At least that is what I am hoping for, and honestly, hope is a refreshing feeling right about now.