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John Elway Press Conference

The Duke returns to Denver and he will discuss it, live on your computer.

You can see Part 1 and Part 2 of the Presser, as well as a 1-on-1 Elway did with BroncosTV after.

"The guy, he's everything to this franchise. I think he's probably the most popular guy ever for this franchise and to see him around, to have him talk to us and everybody was at attention - the respect that he demanded - everybody got down on a knee and listened to what he had to say. When you have an icon like that around to talk to you, it's very important and a big deal."

Mario Haggan

Clearly, Elway already holds a large amount of respect from the players and fans due to his outstanding play on the field and uncanny ability to bring the Broncos out of the clutches of defeat. Now that he has been thrust into such a prominant role, we'll be able to see if he can, once again, mount a comeback for the organization. 

Watch the press conference and feel free to use this open thread to discuss every bit of the Duke's return to Denver... and, as always, Go Broncos!