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John Elway On Twitter

The Broncos announced the firing of Josh McDaniels on Twitter. They announced the interview with Mike Mularkey on Twitter. Now, John Elway, the man in charge of the Broncos has his own Twitter account. You can follow him - @johnelway

Here are his first few tweets, just to get you pumped for a new dawn for the Denver Broncos:

It's been a tremendously exciting day for me. I am thrilled to be back with the Denver Broncos!less than a minute ago via web

I am very appreciative of Pat Bowlen for giving me this opportunity. We WILL get back to competing for Super Bowls.less than a minute ago via web

Looking forward to getting down to work and finding the right head coach to lead the Broncos.less than a minute ago via web

Elway is excited and ready to go. I am excited and ready to go.GO BRONCOS