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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 1/7/11


Broncos' coaching search kicks off, but it's complicated - The Denver Post
The Broncos are renovating their upstairs offices to accommodate their newest and most famous executive. Elway will get the big office previously used by head coaches Mike Shanahan and Josh McDaniels.

Kiszla: Elway needs another come-from-behind miracle - The Denver Post
Maybe getting knocked on his keister is no big deal for Elway, who survived more than 500 sacks as a pro quarterback. But now that he's wearing a suit rather than a helmet, we have a word of warning for anybody who naïvely believes the Elway name carries magic in a rough- and-tumble, what-have-you- done-lately league:

Karl Mecklenburg: Broncos can bring toughness back to the NFL - The Denver Post
As a former player, do you feel the game was more physical when you played than it is now?

Stanford's Luck decides to return to school - The Denver Post
If the Broncos and the rest of the NFL were hoping for a little Luck in the upcoming draft, they'll have to wait until next year.

Elway's return to the Broncos took its time - The Denver Post
At the time, the Broncos just wanted John Elway to snap a struggling team out of what was a 2-6 start to the season, including a loss to the 49ers in London.

Analysis: Harbaugh's the top candidate, but Studesville has a chance - The Denver Post
But NFL teams are fawning over Jim Harbaugh, including one who didn't actually have an opening. They're tossing dollar figures at the Stanford coach that would make many team owners break out in hives, and offering say in personnel.

Josh McDaniels in demand, as Bob LaMonte moving and shaking | All Things Broncos
Don’t be too surprised, Bronco fan. McDaniels was a very good offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots before he got the Broncos’ head job. He helped resurrect the careers of quarterback Kyle Orton and receiver Brandon Lloyd in Denver. And the highly popular Tim Tebow will be McDaniels’ parting gift.

Q&A: Once a potential "bookend" tackle, Broncos' Harris headed out the door - The Denver Post
Q: A couple of years ago, Ryan Harris and Ryan Clady were being talked about as being two young, talented tackles. The word "bookends" was being used to describe them. Since that time, however, Harris' stock seems to have declined. What has happened? Has his play deteriorated?

Tim Tebow documenary on ESPN is captivating TV | All Things Broncos
Whether you like Tim Tebow or can’t stand him, whether you think he’ll make it as an NFL quarterback or not, the hour-long documentary about the time between his final college game and the NFL draft was must-see TV.

Tim Tebow's media blitz includes comments about John Elway | All Things Broncos
You couldn’t watch a minute of ESPN today, or listen to ESPN radio, it seemed, without seeing or hearing from Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. He was asked plenty about John Elway, about his own rookie season and his future.

Two more potential candidates: Capers and Christensen | All Things Broncos
But allow me to suggest a couple other possibilities: Green Bay defensive coordinator Dom Capers and Indianapolis offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen.

What a bunch of (Mike) Mularkey! | All Things Broncos
Let’s call this what it is: Mike Mularkey blew off the Broncos. news: What will be the biggest surprise of Wild Card Weekend?
NFL Network and experts offer up what could be the most shocking developments of Wild Card Weekend: news: Bevell still with Vikings, but team interested in McDaniels as OC
A league source confirmed that McDaniels is expected to meet with the Vikings on Friday in regard to the position, currently held by Darrell Bevell. news: Sanchez: Young Jets fan 'brought me so much inspiration'
"My man, Aiden," Sanchez said during a radio interview earlier this week. "It's breaking my heart. Man, he's so tough. He brought me so much inspiration." news: With Young on his way out, Titans to explore all QB options
The Titans are moving on without Vince Young, putting them back in the market for a new quarterback for just the third time since 1995. news: Mularkey cancels Broncos interview until after Falcons season
ESPN reported that Mularkey wants to focus on the playoffs but still will interview with the Cleveland Browns on Saturday because they called him first. The network also said Mularkey would be open to an interview with the Broncos if the job remains open after the Falcons' season is over. news: Broncos believe they have men (Elway, Tebow) to win big again
All that was missing from Wednesday's introduction of John Elway as the Broncos' vice president were the cheerleaders and streamers. This full-blown pep rally for a Denver revival revved up the masses, to be sure. But at the end of the day, that's all it was -- a fancy way for the team to get a pessimistic fan base back on board. news: Focus is on Vick, but coaches might decide Packers-Eagles tilt
One of the fascinating aspects of playoff football is the chess match between play-callers. The subtle adjustments and tactics by coordinators often determine games, and those moves are particularly pivotal in rematches.

Fox to interview President Barack Obama on Super Bowl Sunday - NFL -
President Barack Obama will sit for an interview with Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday.

Marvin Lewis, Bengals stuck in mediocrity and seem to like it - Paul Daugherty -
In Cincinnati, we are the NFL's Charlie Brown, in all ways. We're forever approaching the football, with a steady leg and a sweetly naïve heart. You know the rest.

NFL playoff picks for wild-card games including Packers-Eagles - Peter King -
No. 5 New Orleans Saints at No. 4 Seattle Seahawks The Saints' reward for winning four more games than Seattle, beating them by 15 points head-to-head and being defending Super Bowl champs? A 5-hour, 45-minute flight (with headwinds) to the Pacific Northwest on Thursday night, and playing at the loudest outdoor stadium in American professional sports. Playoff Fever! Catch it! Not only that, but the Saints will be without their two top running backs, Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory, both IR'd this week.

Jets' Rex Ryan zings Tom Brady while praising Peyton Manning - NFL -
"I know Brady thinks he does," Ryan said. "I think there's a little more help from (Bill) Belichick with Brady than there is with Peyton Manning."

NFL wild-card weekend: 10 things to watch - ESPN
Since 2004, wild-card teams have gone 13-11 against the division-winning teams with home-field advantage. This weekend, the wild-card New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Ravens are favorites, and even though the Green Bay Packers are underdogs in Sunday's road trip to Philadelphia, they won the season-opener there.

Sal Paolantonio examines this milestone in Michael Vick's comeback - ESPN
He is on the doorstep of doing something truly historic -- his first full season back from Leavenworth Prison and Vick is in position to write the final chapters of a storybook season. Selected to the Pro Bowl. Leading the Philadelphia Eagles to their first NFC East title in four years. A home playoff game.

Ryan maneuvers around Jets' self-made scandals - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
In a league where coaches often act like overzealous nannies with their players, Jets coach Rex Ryan has navigated the team through one bizarre distraction after another, incidents and stories that usually have little or nothing to do with football.

49ers' new GM gives victory to grinders - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Trent Baalke remembers the realization that he’d figured out everything there was to know about NFL talent evaluation, at an alarmingly early stage of his career. Let’s just say he didn’t make a great effort to hide his discovery.