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Denver Broncos Coaching Search: Eric Studesville by Default?

The Denver Broncos picked a bad time to shake things up in the front office. It is quickly becoming apparent that no self respecting potential head coach wants any part of Dove Valley. It begs the question, what exactly is the perception of the Broncos through the eyes of the rest of the League?

With the list of coaching prospects dwindling by the day, leaving a handful of inexperienced and unproven wannabes, where does that leave John Elway and this franchise as they try to move forward? I think it leaves the one candidate on the list nobody thought had a chance ten days ago; the one man capable of keeping the ship afloat as it springs even more leaks in its hull. That man is Eric Studesville.

It is painfully clear that the Broncos are no longer considered an elite franchise, but that doesn't mean they cannot someday regain that League-wide respect. The first step in that process would be to keep some of the current coaches with the team. Just a few short days again I was advocating a complete dismissal of the coaching staff, but now I wonder if less change is good change within an organization that has seen too much of it in recent years.

With most of the top prospects for the Broncos head coaching position unavailable because of the playoffs, the best option might be to go with Studesville and then surround him with experienced, albeit expensive, Coordinators. The best move that might come out of this is the retention of Ben McDaniels, the man responsible for Tim Tebow's continued development. It isn't that far fetched to think that Ben's firing could harm Tebow's progress more than we might have previously thought.

Hiring Studesville now, will allow Elway to focus on more pressing needs like Free Agency (if there is one this year) and the NFL Draft. The season ended, but until Elway and the Broncos make a decision, the offseason cannot begin. I don't know about you, but I am ready to move forward. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being in limbo - unable to think farther ahead into the immediate future. If Studesville is a mistake, then perhaps 2012 will bring a better fit at the head coaching position. For as it stands right now, I've seen no better fit than Eric Studesville.

So long as the list of head coaching candidate remain weak and uninspiring, I will quietly pull for Studesville for head coach. At least he is a known quantity. What do you think?