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Denver Broncos Coaching Search: Broncos Interested In John Fox

About a week ago I wrote about the prospects of former Carolina Panthers Head Coach John Fox being someone the Broncos should take a look at as their next Head Coach. Now it appears the Broncos may have listened. According to multiple reports, the Broncos have asked the Panthers for permission to interview Fox. While Carolina has already said he will not be back, Fox is technically still under contract by the team.

The Denver Broncos reportedly want to interview John Fox as they look to fill their head-coaching vacancy.

And they are in the process of getting permission from the Carolina Panthers to do so, according to The Denver Post -- despite the fact he's officially been ruled out to return for another season with the team.

For me, Fox fit the criteria of what I was looking for in a candidate - experience as a Head Coach, success, ability to deal with adversity, ability to communicate with players - you get the point. Think about the Panthers - they've had contract issues with Julius Peppers, outspoken Pro Bowlers like Steve Smith, and Fox has always been able to steady the ship. Even this season, when it was obvious the Panthers were saving cash, Fox never complained and had his under-talented team ready to play.

Fox was the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants, so he comes from a defensive background. He led the Panthers to the Super Bowl and nearly won it if not for Tom Brady and Adam Vinatieri.

Surely there are question marks on Fox, just like every candidate out there. I just think the Broncos could do a lot worse and kicking the tires on Fox makes a lot of sense.