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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 10/10/11


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Broncos vs. Chargers: BTV Highlights |
Field level highlights and broadcast audio from Sunday's 29-24 loss to the Chargers.

Broncos rally behind Tim Tebow, but Chargers win 29-24 - The Denver Post
The San Diego Chargers held on for a 29-24 win Sunday, but not before the Bolts were nearly shocked by the electricity of a Tim Tebow-led Broncos rally in the fourth quarter.

The Tim Tebow Show comes up just short –
Broncos coach John Fox fought off a quarterback controversy for as long as he could, committing to Kyle Orton and burying Tim Tebow on the bench.

Time for the Broncos to Stand With Tebow |
I could dive headlong into the numbers — some good, some bad — surrounding Tim Tebow’s second-half performance. I could remind you that it was Willis McGahee’s runs that, until the game’s final nine minutes, were the only signs of life in an otherwise inert offensive performance.

Tebow’s 2nd Half Comeback Comes Up Just Short " CBS Denver
Kyle Orton was benched at halftime and Tim Tebow nearly rallied the Broncos from a 16-point fourth-quarter deficit. Fox said he still has to watch the film, talk with his staff, think things over.

Nothing official yet, but Orton's days as Broncos' starting QB may be over - The Denver Post
"People's opinion don't matter to me, man," Orton said defiantly. "I left that a long time ago. I've been through that before. I'm just frustrated with the way we were playing, myself included."

Denver Broncos News

Broncos vs. Chargers: Sounds |
Sounds from the locker room following Denver's Week 5 game vs. San Diego.

Broncos vs. Chargers: Fox |
Head Coach John Fox talks to the press after the team's 29-24 loss to San Diego.

Broncos vs. Chargers: Tebow |
QB Tim Tebow talks to the press following Denver's Week 5 game vs. San Diego.

Broncos vs. Chargers: Orton |
QB Kyle Orton talks to the press following Denver's Week 5 game vs. San Diego.

NFL Videos: Who's better: Orton or Tebow?
Tim Tebow delivered an impressive performance after taking over for the struggling Kyle Orton. Who should be the starting QB for the Broncos? news: Bye week ideal time for Broncos to ease Tebow into starting role
Against the Chargers, it was clear that there may be some truth to the concept that he is a "gamer." His passes looked better in the game than they did in practice, his ability to hang in the pocket was much better and now, with a bye on the schedule and two weeks to give him the majority of the practice reps, it may be time to let Tebow do his thing.

Broncos have no choice: Start Tebow - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Denver coach John Fox claimed he’d have to watch some film and huddle with his coaches before deciding whether Tim Tebow’s(notes) electrifying and near victorious relief performance Sunday will earn him the starting quarterback job for the Broncos’ next game.

Krieger: Broncos with Tebow: That's entertainment - The Denver Post
From Neil Speers front-row seat in the South Stands, you could see Mile High come alive again. You could hear it. You could feel it. You could very nearly taste it.

Paige: Broncos' Tim Tebow makes his case loud and clear - The Denver Post
At the beginning of the second half, a father and his son in replica Tebow jerseys walked out of the stadiums northwest exit and headed to their home.

Chargers acknowledge difficult in defending Broncos' Tebow - The Denver Post
The only corner of Sports Authority Field at Mile High that wasnt all abuzz Sunday about Tim Tebow was the San Diego Chargers locker room.

Broncos' Willis McGahee finding running room - The Denver Post
In his final game of his 20s, Willis McGahee hardly looked a day older than 23. For more than three quarters in Sundays 29-24 loss to San Diego, McGahee wasnt just the Broncos best offensive player. He was, for all intents and purposes, their only offensive player.

Saunders: Broncos' Tim Tebow causes excitement during a comatose Denver sports weekend - The Denver Post
Tim Tebow did more than almost becoming a major local sports hero. His fourth-quarter play lifted local couch potatoes out of a weekend comatose state.

Even Broncos' prize rookie Miller can't avoid benching as defense struggles again - The Denver Post
Lost in the swirl of a quarterback change and the ninth loss in the past 11 meetings with San Diego was the Broncos top draft pick staring blankly at the floor, still in uniform long after there was reason to wear one, a steady procession of coaches and teammates filing by to whisper in his ear.

Denver Broncos Pass or Fail - The Denver Post
Its not often that 162 yards rushing isnt enough, but with 10-of-23 passing from two quarterbacks, including 6-of-13 from the now-benched Kyle Orton, the Broncos rushing attack couldnt power the offense.

Broncos bests and worsts against Chargers - The Denver Post
There was a noticeable lift inside Sports Authority Field at Mile High as the Broncos mounted a second-half comeback behind Tim Tebow. Even though the Broncos lost 29-24, fans seemed universally encouraged by the teams rally.

Broncos fans sound off: Even Carmelo Anthony gets fired up by Tim Tebow - The Denver Post
No matter what happens, Tim Tebow is always ready when his # is called!!!!! #TrueProfessional.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Chargers Hold Off Broncos, 29-24 |
Denver's fourth quarter comeback is denied on the final play as the Broncos fall to 1-4 on the year.

Tebow Gives Offense a Spark |
Backup quarterback Tim Tebow came into the game in the second half and led the offense on two scoring drives.

Chargers 29, Broncos 24: By the Numbers |
Notes and numbers from the Broncos’ 29-24 loss to the San Diego Chargers here Sunday.

Six Words or Less: The Tebow Comeback |
Let’s just say the tone of this week’s edition is um, slightly more positive than the last few weeks.

Willis McGahee Fantasy Recap: Broncos Running Back Situation Settling Down? -
Denver Broncos running back Willis McGahee put together a strong performance in the Broncos loss to San Diego, finishing with 125 yards on 17 carries. He did not get into the end zone, but if he can consistently put up 100+ yards he returns to being a consistently viable fantasy option.

Tim Tebow Lifts Teammates And Broncos' Country - Predominantly Orange
Denver Broncos’ fans have never been so happy walking out of Mile High after a loss to a divisional rival. Even though the San Diego Chargers beat the Broncos and led them into a bye week with a 1-4 record, the energy in Denver is high and hope is at the forefront.

Tim Tebow, Matthew Willis, and the blatant pass interference that wasn’t called - BroncoTalk
Does anyone want an NFL game to be decided by a Hail Mary pass interference call with zero seconds left on the clock? No. I don’t, you don’t, John Fox doesn’t, Roger Goodell doesn’t, and your friendly neighborhood referee doesn’t.

It’s Tim Tebow time for Denver Broncos - The Early Lead - The Washington Post
It was always a matter of when, not if, for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.

NFL News

The post-Al Davis era got off to good start for Oakland Raiders in a win over Houston Texans - Peter King
This is one of those where-to-begin Mondays. I could begin with Al, or with so many of his cockamamie first-round decisions combining in some bit of cosmic grid karma to make grown men cry in Houston. Or with the Raiders' NorCal neighbors beating a 3-1 team by 45 points. Or with Tim Tebow ... he may not be great, but he sure is fun to watch, and he lifted the black cloud from over the Broncos in one zany half of football. Or with the Eagles, who have gone from Dream Team to Keystone Kops in one sorry month. Or with the Packers, who cannot be stopped. Or with a tight end whose story is better than his talent, which is saying something.

Commissioner Roger Goodell says NFL hoping to add 2nd game in London - The Denver Post
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is interested in adding a second regular-season game in London and says the move will be discussed at the owners meetings this week.