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Broncos Should Let Kyle Orton Go Quietly Into The Night

It's time.

Earlier today I used those words in a post about the Broncos' decision to name Tim Tebow their starting quarterback when the team takes the field on October 23rd in Miami against the Dolphins.  Tonight I use the same two words to suggest the Broncos go one step further and release Kyle Orton.

It's time.

I tweeted as such last night - and tweet that started a couple-hours-long tweet fest with Broncos fans about Tebow, Orton and various other topics.  If you are not part of Twitter, I'd highly recommend it - especially as a sports fan.  The responses I got were typical - many people agreed with me, many did not.  I received plenty of "Kyle's a Pro, he won't cause trouble' tweets. 

I agree.  Kyle is a professional and I don't think he will cause any trouble.  That's not why I would release him.  Sometimes a situation becomes so toxic that the best thing for everyone involved is to simply part ways.  That is the situation in Denver with Orton.  He simply isn't an option at quarterback for the Broncos moving forward in 2011, no matter what happens to Tim Tebow.

I mentioned Jake Plummer and the situation in 2006 when Jay Cutler replaced Plummer when the Broncos were 7-4.  According to those in the know, Plummer took his benching much harder than Orton - mainly because the Broncos were 7-4 then while Orton's Broncos are 1-4 now.  Orton saw the writing on the wall.  Still, what 2006 proved is you can't go back to the veteran once you pull the plug on him.  Kyle Orton is a beaten man - and likely was before he was benched - and no matter how professional he is or will be, he's human.

The Broncos are moving full-steam ahead with Tebow as they should.  This season is teetering on the edge of complete collapse and whatever magic Tebow possesses in his left arm and legs is desperately needed.  If he goes down - or doesn't perform well - the season is lost anyway.  No need to go back to Orton for the sake of doing it.  Brady Quinn can likely give the Broncos what Orton would at that time - and why not Adam Weber?

Financial considerations are in play, of course, with Orton still due plenty of cash this season.  Still, Orton isn't going to be asked to mentor Tebow - and not because Orton won't do it.  The Broncos are going to need to play Tebow-ball, not conform Tebow to what was expected of Orton.  Kyle Orton can't help Tim Tebow do what Tim Tebow does.  No one can.  That's the beauty - and perhaps the curse - of Tebow.  He's a unique talent, seemingly drawing up plays in the dirt while in the huddle.  Kyle is the exact opposite, almost robotic in his play.

Some marriages are simply destined to fail.  Kyle Orton came to Denver under controversial circumstances and was boo'd after throwing a couple interceptions in an intra-squad scrimmage.  While fans were blinded by the big lie that was Denver's 6-0 start in 2009, Orton came crashing back to earth and Broncos fans have been dousing him with great vengeance and furious anger ever since.  It's time to let him go.

Kyle Orton isn't the starting quarterback in Denver.  He's not the present or future of the Broncos.  His spot on the roster serves no purpose - and I mean that in a complimentary way.  The Broncos serve no purpose to Orton, either.  The Broncos should do the right thing - for Tim Tebow, for Kyle Orton, for the coaching staff, for the fans and let Orton and the Denver Broncos move on and move forward. 

This has been one of the ugliest chapters in the history of the Broncos.  Fairly or Not, Kyle Orton's name will always be synonymous with the dark days we find ourselves in. To truly begin the healing, Orton needs to move on and with 2011 close to being lost and Orton already on the bench, the time is now.