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Tim Tebow Passing to LeBron James? Basketball Icon Flirts With NFL Possibility

A new decision for LeBron--taking his talents to the National Football League?
A new decision for LeBron--taking his talents to the National Football League?

NBA fans are facing an ugly reality that NFL fans almost had to endure, which is a full on lockout and really no end in sight. Players are obviously prepared to take on a long delay to the start of the season (if there is one at all) and that includes Miami Heat superstar LeBron James.

James has really stirred the pot on Twitter today, first asking ESPN NFL reporter John Clayton when the deadline was for NFL teams to sign free agents.

Pete Carroll then jokingly asked LeBron if he knew what the minimum rookie salary was, and James fired back at the Seahawks' head coach, reminding him that he wasn't getting paid at all by his league right now.

LeBron is probably just joking around, but what if he did decide to take to the gridiron? I mean, it seems like more than a long shot since James has not even entered himself in a dunk contest due to what some assume is a fear of injury.

Still, James was a stud wide receiver in high school, and probably would be an NFL tight end or receiver right now had he not been such a basketball prodigy. We've seen so many basketball players try to emulate Antonio Gates and have a stellar NFL career.

So what about the potential of Tim Tebow tossing a touchdown to King James?

Heck, the Broncos picked up Julius Thomas in the fourth round of the draft because of the upside he possessed as an athletic tight end option.

So what if LeBron actually did decide to play football? It might sound crazy, but if LeBron's agent sent out a mass message to NFL GMs indicating his client was interested in football, there would be 32 teams lined up for his services.

We're not talking about someone like Sasha Vujacic or anything like that--we're talking about the greatest athlete on the globe at this point in time.

Plus, can you imagine that the excitement around the Denver Broncos could grow any larger at this point?

Add LeBron James to the fun-fest and you would have one seriously popular NFL team. People would be pleading to find a ticket to Denver games to watch Tim Tebow throw passes to LeBron, and even if the experiment were a massive failure, it would be seriously interesting to watch.

And I think it would make Nike proud.