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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 10/13/11



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Making a Move |
The Broncos hope starting Tim Tebow at quarterback is a change that will lead to wins.

The Future is Now in Denver | National Football Post
With the much-anticipated announcement in Denver that Tim Tebow is now the starting quarterback for the Broncos, let’s look at a few angles of the decision (I think there is a cottage industry in the media simply discussing Tim Tebow). news: Broncos players deal with QB switch, look forward to Tebow
Out of respect for Kyle Orton, Broncos players wouldn't rejoice in Tim Tebow's promotion to starter, although they're excited to see if the QB can turn things around after a 1-4 start.

Royal Reunion: WR Practices for First Time in Four Weeks |
When wide receiver Eddie Royal injured his groin during the second quarter of the Sept. 18 game against Cincinnati, he feared he might not see the field again for a long while. Instead, he was only absent for three and a half weeks.

Broncos have more positions to deal with than just quarterback - The Denver Post
Most will return to their offseason home. A few will be spotted on the sideline of their college alma mater. Las Vegas draws its share of NFL players during the bye week.

Play of Tim Tebow Will Determine the Denver Broncos' Draft - NFL Mocks
Denver Broncos fans got what they asked for–it’s finally Tebow time, and the excitement level in Denver couldn’t be higher.

Denver Broncos News

Bye Week - Wednesday: Fox |
Head Coach John Fox talks to the media after the team's final practice before breaking for the bye.

Bye Week - Wednesday: Allen |
Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen talks about how the defense will need to improve after the bye week.

Bye Week - Wednesday: McCoy |
Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy talks about Tim Tebow starting at quarterback next week against Miami. news: Trading winds: Deals that should get done before deadline
Denver trades Kyle Orton to Miami for a draft pick, which the Broncos then package along with Brandon Lloyd in a deal with Carolina for Jimmy Clausen. news: Ex-Broncos CB Cox's sexual assault trial delayed until next year
The trial of former Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox on sexual assault charges has been postponed until February.

Thumbs up, thumbs down for Tebow | London Free Press
While the announcement that Tebow was taking over the starting quarterback job in Denver was made on Tuesday, it has been in the works ever since the Broncos made him their first-round pick in the 2010 draft.

Woody's Mailbag: Ignore the hate, Tim Tebow ready to be Broncos QB - The Denver Post
Sports columnist Woody Paige answers your questions in Woodys Mailbag. In this installment, Woody tackles seven questions, including two wondering why everybody likes to pick on Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Broncos coach Fox concerned about offensive timing over bye week - The Denver Post
As Wednesdays practice concluded, Broncos coach John Fox sent his team into a four-day weekend with a simple message.

Rod Smith: Former Bronco talks Tebow, receivers and autographs - The Denver Post
Fan Mail: In this weeks installment, Rod Smith, the Broncos all-time leading receiver, talks about Tim Tebow, Denvers current receiving corps and the art of signing autographs.

Broncos' Orton isn't likely going anywhere despite demotion - The Denver Post
Todays questions about the Broncos come from Gabriel. Q: Now that Miami is on the hunt for a quarterback, what are the odds that Denver receives another call about Kyle Orton?

Broncos can't accomplish much during their bye week - The Denver Post
The Broncos sent their players into the bye week after Wednesdays practice and wont seem them again until Monday morning.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Royal Back At Practice |
Wide receiver Eddie Royal returned to practice and hopes to play against Miami after the bye.

Rookie Watch: Solder flashing potential - ESPN
Miller didn't play a ton of snaps due to injury and only saw the field in Week 5 during passing situations. But he did notch yet another sack. Denver's bye could do him a lot of good after his worst game as a professional.

Putting Von Miller’s numbers in perspective - BroncoTalk
Broncos rookie linebacker Von Miller has recorded five sacks in five games this season, notching a sack in four consecutive games.  Just how impressive is that?

Broncos receivers mending for Tebow’s debut - BroncoTalk
And on the last day of practice, The Appointed One said, "Let there be targets."

How long will Tim Tebow lead the Broncos? [Poll] - LA Times
Tim Tebow has earned the starting quarterback job with the Denver Broncos, but how long will he keep it (assuming he stays healthy)?

NFL Trade Rumors: Denver Broncos Shopping Brandon Lloyd? - Turf Show Times
The NFL trade deadline is next Tuesday, October 18. Between now and then, you will hear any number of NFL trade rumors floating around the internet and  talk radio...and very few trades actually happening. The low level, unconfirmed, probably bogus talk about the Denver Broncos shopping wide receiver Brandon Lloyd surfaced again last night. 

NFL performance matrix: Broncos far from leaders in total yardage | First-and-Orange
Which team leads the NFL in total yards with 495.2 per game? Not the Denver Broncos, who enter their bye this weekend with an average of 303.6 total yards per game — good for 25th in the league.

The trouble with having Kyle Orton as Broncos captain | First-and-Orange
It’s not so much weird that Kyle Orton is not the Broncos’ starting quarterback as it’s awkward to see him in the front line leading the team stretch as a team captain and backup quarterback.

Plenty of tickets remain for Broncos-Dolphins game | First-and-Orange
According to South Florida Sun-Sentinel columnist David Hyde, there are nearly 30,000 tickets still unsold for the Oct. 23 game between the Broncos and Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium.

NFL News NFL Picks Against the Spread - Week 6, 2011
Week 5 Recap: The good news is that I went 9-4 overall and 8-4-1 with totals, though that latter figure is probably a fluke. The bad news is that I went 2-3 with the five three-unit picks I posted last week. I have a complaint and an apology about this. Let's go with the apology first, since that's least interesting.

N.F.L. Week 6 Game Probabilities -
Atlanta is favored over Carolina, no surprise given their seasons last year, but statistically they're nearly identical teams, with one critical difference.

Pat Modell, actress and wife of Art Modell, dies  |
BALTIMORE — Patricia Modell, the wife of former NFL team owner Art Modell and a longtime television actress, has died.

NFL's miking of linemen not sitting well with all, including the New Orleans Saints -
The NFL, in its endless quest to make the game more interesting to a vast television audience, is apparently asking players to pay for it. The league reportedly fined Baltimore Ravens center Matt Kirk $5,000 for refusing to wear a microphone nestled in his pads last Sunday.