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Broncos Put Brandon Lloyd on the Trade Block

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Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd has been put on the trade block. There were some rumors swirling last night, on twitter, but it took almost 24 hours to confirm this rumor to be true. The Broncos reportedly want a 3rd to 5th round pick in exchange.

Not surprisingly, there are a number of teams that have interest in Lloyd. Mike Klis from the Denver Post reports that "three or four" teams are interested, according to a source, including the Carolina Panthers and Tennessee Titans. Both of those spots make a ton of sense, with Tennessee losing Kenny Britt to a knee injury in week 3 against the Broncos and Carolina looking to empower the impressive rookie, Cam Newton.

Brandon Lloyd has been the favorite target of Kyle Orton over the past few years, amassing over 1500 receiving yards in 2010, becoming the NFL's leading receiver, and attending the NFL Pro Bowl. But for all the statistics he has acquired, the one that he and the Broncos have failed to accumulate are wins. In games that Brandon Lloyd has a reception, the Broncos are 4-18. If he does, in fact, leave the Denver Broncos, it'll be interesting if he basks in the glory of the huge receiving numbers he acquired or sulks in the .182 win percentage.