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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 10/14/11

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NFL Videos: No Huddle: Is Tebow starter material? (TL NOTE: An honest discussion for a change!)
"No Huddle" breaks down Tim Tebow and asks if he is a viable starting quarterback in the NFL right now.

Tim Tebow experiment for Broncos could be rousing success or utter failure - Don Banks
Now that it's finally Tim Tebow time in Denver, the Broncos organization has just committed itself to an 11-game discovery process, with the goal of finding out once and for all whether the former Heisman winner from Florida is the team's quarterback of the future, or merely its quarterback of the present?

Broncos put WR Brandon Lloyd on the trading block - The Denver Post
With the NFL trade deadline looming, the Broncos have been in talks with other teams regarding Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Lloyd, according to three NFL sources.

A minute with Tim Tebow - ESPN
I was never a huge Tebow fan. Not a hater either, but I'm not a huge fan of either the Florida Gators or even college football in general, so I didn't get the hero worship and adulation that had been heaped on him ad nauseam throughout his college career. But whatever.

In NFL, it's the year of the double-digit comeback win - ESPN
"Wish I could jump back into a 28-year-old body," he said. "Comebacks ... it's so much of the attitude of the quarterback. You're rallying your guys, getting teammates to believe something good's going to happen."

Denver Broncos News

Broncos QB Tim Tebow being considered to star in ‘Die Hard’ franchise -
The fifth movie in the Die Hard series — to be called A Good Day to Die Hard — will begin filming in January with Bruce Willis in the lead, maybe for the final time.

Mike Heimerdinger, Mike Shanahan built friendship through football | The Tennessean
They met as teenagers, two athletes with backgrounds so similar the man who recruited them to Eastern Illinois University thought they would make great roommates.

Trading places: List of 14 who should get dealt - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Dear Broncos fans, do not send me emails claiming your team desperately needs to hold onto Lloyd because he’s the best weapon you have. Do not send me messages with his stats from 2010 (77 catches, 1,448 yards, 11 TDs).

Denver Broncos Blogs

Panthers and Titans want Broncos WR Lloyd? - Yahoo! Sports
The NFL trade deadline is coming Tuesday and the Denver Broncos have put wide receiver Brandon Lloyd on the trading block, according to three sources to the Denver Post.

Broncos To Play To Tebow's Strengths In Already Established Offense - Predominantly Orange
Whether the Broncos win or lose in these next 11 games, much praise or blame will go to John Fox and Tim Tebow. It’s the nature of the NFL and of the sport.

Tim Tebow making Broncos center of NFL universe | First-and-Orange
Tebowmania goes well beyond that lady posing next to the billboard on I-25. It’s not confined to Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The cheering can be heard, not just in LoDo, but in Midtown Manhattan.

NFL News

LeBron's Flirtation With The NFL Getting A Little Bit Annoying | NBC New York
Carroll then sent LeBron a twitpic mockup of a his name on a Seahawks jersey. BARF. Perhaps no athlete in the world right now lives to be adored quite like LeBron. In fact, turning his attention to the NFL allows LeBron to think of himself as a desired commodity once more, unlike in the basketball world, where he's a choker and a quitter.

Your N.F.L. Questions Answered -
The New York Times N.F.L. reporter assesses Tim Tebow, Alex Smith, the Jets, Steelers and Eagles.

Dolphins' Brandon Marshall's "goal is to get thrown out" Monday night - The Denver Post
Preparing for "Monday Night Football," Brandon Marshall dropped a pass during drills Thursday, picked up the ball and gave it an angry boot.

NFL: HGH tests put on hold - The Denver Post
The NFL and the players union are set to meet with leaders of a House committee to discuss testing for human growth hormone, which has hit a snag despite an agreement in the latest collective bargaining agreement to begin testing players.

Broncos Fans

I am introducing a new section to Horse Tracks today that will be dedicated solely to YOU - the MHR members. Each day, I'll grab posts from the FanPost section to promote here for all. I know we have the "rec" function, but sometimes it is nice to give recognition above and beyond the norm since it is all of you who make MHR the greatest Broncos fan site on the net!


On Record: Tebow's Future - Mile High Report
There's an old joke about a landlubber couple that get on a boat to be ferried to an island, across a dangerous passage.  The husband thinks he's pretty smart - he's checked up on the boat and knows how deep it goes below the surface, and how the water gets unexpectedly shallow in places.


That crazy feeling... - Mile High Report
That's called HOPE fellow Bronco fans! We have two full weeks of actual hope. As much as the National media and talking heads will desperately try to take it away from us and talk us out of it, It is ours, it's precious, and we get to keep least for a while.


The Extra Offensive Tackle Package: Chargers @ Broncos - Mile High Report
After what I think was the most exciting loss of the past few years, and a promise by John Fox for us to have "the most sophisticated running game of the league" and some Tebow packages, I'm glad that at least the second part is now past, because Tim Tebow is now our starting QB.


The Psychology of the Love/Hate Tebow Complex - Mile High Report
Why is Tebow so polarizing? What makes some love him and others hate him. This reminds me of the Civil War (bear with me). Communities, families, friends, and experts are all divided, warring with words over this "Tebow Thing."