La-La-Land-Of-Pre-Season-Feel-Goods and Our Longest Pre-Season Ever


        Well, its time.  Believe it or not we about to start the longest Pre-Season in NFL history. We'll see what we have in the personel at hand,  changes in game plan, and whether we have a QB of the future or need to search.  I know you think I'm a bit early with my 2012  Pre-Season-La-La-Land post...but I think I am just in time.   We are indeed, in Miami, opening our 2012 Pre-Season.

     What a great move by Fox and Elway.  Because of the 'Lock-Out' a certain QB could not work with one of the greatest QBs of all time or even talk to his coach. What a shame! A shame indeed ! This young QB with all sorts of intangibless (I did that on purpose) was not able to tone or 'hone'or anything else.  What a shame indeed!!

     The thing I love about Pre-Season is you get to see unexpected players step up, make some plays, and shine. That young kid Demaryious Thomas, lost to injuries in that failed 2o11 experiment, may become a factor in this very long 2012 Pre-Season that starts in Miami 2011.  I just wonder if Thomas had been the target of that long bomb thrown at Decker by this young QB.  I just wonder. This is the wonder of Pre-Season! You just don't know what you are going to get.

     One of the people I hope remains, after this very long Pre-Season, is that unusual, too small, undrafted kid named Wesley. He brings the Desire. He seems to be in every play. The Woodyard family must  love watching their son play. He plays as if they're watching him. Maybe he thinks Denver fans are his family...I think so.   

  Another vet I thought had a good 2011 season was that old man Champ. I know he was injured for most of the year but when he was in he proved he could still cover.  I hope when the 2012 season opens Champ is still with us...I really do. The funny thing about Champ, however, is he is no longer playing the game he and his heart really want to play. This Champ guy is really complete. I don't know if you've noticed...but Champ is one heck-of-a-tackler. I hope that after this very long Pre-Season that somebody talks Champ into becoming a Free-Safety. Believe it or not cutting suddenley to keep up with a receiver's move leads to way more pulled muscles than stopping a runner from making a first-down.   Long story short....I think Champ would make a great Free Safety.  

    Marcus Thomas, funny that name. Wasn't he the one in the draft, that I would like to forget, supposed to be a problem?  I like Marcus and think if Fox, Elway and this certain QB can find a winning way Marcus just might be a multiple Pro-Bowler. Maybe even, if we can figure out how to win, a posible HOF candidate. I really like this Marcus kid. I really do.    Pre-season is so much fun!  Even more fun this year!  As we get to start our Pre-Season in less than two weeks.  Less than two weeks and we, as Bronco fans, can bathe in all our teams decisions. While many  fans arecaught in the hopelessness of what was 2011, we get to basque in the hope of what 2012 may bring.

     Have I given up on 2011?  Well yes and no. I truly believe in miracles, but considering our schedule, a miracle would be required to make the play-offs this year Therefore, I think it best that all residents of La-La-Land should look at this year as a very long Pre-Season.

     With this very long pre-season the new guy Von may prove to be a Pro-Bowler in 2012. I was very pleased with his enthusiasm as well as his play. One of the changes I would like to see is Decker. If Shanny was still our coach I think he would be teaching Eric how to block and telling him he's a tight end. He did that with one Sharpe dude and look where he ended up. I see a lot of Shannon in Decker. Not sure why, I just do.

     Robert Ayers is another youngster I hope does well this pre-season. I just see a lot of talent in this kid and he seems to finally be grasping the NFL. I like the kid and with a good pre-season he just may become a star in 2012. Cassius Vaughn is another I like. Seems to suffer from shine / flop syndrome but I see in him game. I hope he has a great pre-season and shines in 2012.

     Ryan Clady should be 100% in 2012 and I love Clady. Not only for what he's done in Denver but I watched him stuff two defenders when Ian Johnson made that two-point-conversion against Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl (Greatest College Game Ever By The Way) .    I really like Chris Clark also. Not that I've seen him play...but he is a there.

     Syd'Quan Thompson is another I'd like to see do well this pre-season, I think he has real NFL instinct. Its unfortunate that he wil have to wait for the short pre-season...kinda sad. The guy must be tough growing up with an ( ' ) stuck in his name.

     Ya know, I really don't think we're as far away from being a playoff team as all the (so called) experts seem to think. I'm concerned about running back, not that I haven't loved the way McGahee has performed, I just hope he survives this long pre-season. I would love to see him in 2012 if nothing else but to teach Moreno how to wait for a hole or seem to develope. I have grown sick the last couple of years watching KnowShine run into his own blockers or straight into a tackles hand. I can't believe I let Zappa convince me he was a great first-round-pick. Maybe Tim was right, maybe Moreno could be great, maybe it was the lack of zone blocking under McD, I just don't know. I do feel we really need to look for a good running back in the draft. Which, thanks to our situation, falls in the middle of this very long Pre-Season.

     Actually I was quite pleased with our 2011 season, not with the 1-4 record, but with the signs of life on both sides of the ball. I saw our deffense really truly stop the run at times, then not, then stop it again, then fail. I know it was up and down but that was better than never stopping the run. On the other side I also watched us running the ball...something we haven't seen much the last few years. I don't mean the occasional long run, I'm talking about a consistant 3 to 6 yards. May not win games now but consistant positive yards will eventually win games in the future.

     Wow!  This has been a bit wordy for most of my posts (I like to keep most short and sweet) but I had a lot running through my mind as we enter this very long 'Pre-Season'. I wish I could go through each position but I really want to bring up something way over cooked but can't stand not doing it.

     Before (as is the tradition) I put up Zappa's constitution of La-La-Land and set the rules, I would like to bring up one more subject.       Tebow

     I know you may be tired of the subject but I wrote a comment in another's post and liked it so much that I copied it and put it in a second post.  I think I did that once before but can't remember when. I'd like to put that comment in this post (and because its my post it will happen) give a couple more thoughts and then let the fun begin.

. I for one think Tebow will succeed. The reason being is he plays every play as if it is a game in itself. In a way football is really a bunch of smaller games within a larger game. QBs that only follow a game plan, and stumble or panic when the game plan falters, are best known as back-ups. This is what we’ve seen in Orton. He is smart as a whip at mastering the play-book but seemingly lost when a play breaks down.

     Tebow is exactly the opposite. By playing every down as a game within the game if a play breaks down it simply becomes a new game. Throughout his college career, and what I’ve seen so far as a Bronco, broken plays have no affect on Tebow. He simply jumps from the game that failed into a brand new game. That’s why he’s so fun to watch. With Tebow no game is over ’till its over.

     A perfect example of a Tebow-type QB would be Terry Bradshaw. When he came into the NFL almost every so-called expert said he was too dumb and not accurate enough to be an NFL star. What the experts didn’t know was that Bradshaw was about to teach the entire NFL how to play every play as a new game within the game…..

…..and no game is over ’till its over.

.     I have the greatest respect for  what the Steelers did...but few remember that it was only their defense that first made them great.    I believe (and I could be wrong) but I think they were the lowest scoring team to ever make into the modern playoff system. I watched that season when their offense was only a running game and they were starting the Steel-Curtain something that may never be matched again. I also watched a young QB whose passes on occasion went end-over-end like a place kick.

      That is why I compare Tebow to Bradshaw. As long as you're playing the game the game ain't over 'till its over.  I love that about Tebow!

                                            Anyway, as is tradition, the constitution and rules of La-La-Land

                                                   Keep in mind that Zappa (Tim Lynch) is the author

.                                                                     And I love as a friend for them


We have all heard about La La Land, but here is your official guide to La La Land.  A Constitution of sorts.  Or perhaps a guide to true happiness.

1.  Anything that is not good concerning the Broncos, shall not be discussed. 

2.  All predictions of the future must be approved by Mike Clark or Zappa. 

3.  Feelings such as; despair, sadness, anger, frustration, pessimism, or any other negative feeling is forbidden while in La La Land.

4.  The Broncos rule all.

5.  Raiders, Chargers, and Chiefs have foul odor.

These rules, amendments, guidelines or whatever you want to call them are to be followed diligently at all times while visiting or residing in La La Land.  Anyone found to be in violation of these rules shall be deported immediately to the Real World of misery and despair.  Repeat offenders will be dealt with by Chuck Norris.

La La Land national motto: 13-3 Baby!

La La Land national mascot: Orange and Blue Kool Aid Man, Oh Yeaahhhh!

La La Land national anthem: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

I hope you have found this guide to be helpful and informative.  May the Broncos be with you.


.                                         Keep it clean and positive...........they are the only true rules of La-La-Land

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