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Eddie Royal Also On Trade Block

First Brandon Lloyd, now Eddie Royal. The great exodus of wide receivers has begun. According to this ESPN report:

Denver began shopping the receivers after each requested a trade, team sources told Schefter. Both are in the final year of their contracts and both are seeking new deals.

One has to wonder if these two receivers have little interest in catching balls for someone as erratic and inaccurate as Tim Tebow. No wide receiver enjoys getting laid out several times a game, but perhaps there is more to this story.

The bigger issue may be that both guys are in the final year of their contracts, with little hope of putting up big numbers with Tebow under center. Which makes the prospects of catching on with a more passing friendly team a better business decision.

Add that to EFX's goal of rebuilding this franchise with "their" guys in next years draft, it puts the trade of these players as a good way to do that considering neither will likely be Broncos in 2012.