Football and its loyalties

So not only do I come to learn that Brandon Lloyd is on the trading block but as well as Eddie Royal.  What I find interesting however is this, both were very underwhelming (Royal since his rookie campaign and Lloyd last year -his first real accomplishment the entire career).

What I find disappointing though is that it comes, or at least seems to me, at the heels of Tebow being named the starter.  Now I don't know what to make of that but I recall thinking about how much we could have benefited if we traded Royal earlier in the year right before or during the draft. I'll explain.

Royal was very dynamic his rookie year as he was able to run out of all three WR spots but it was under the West Coast Offense scheme.  The Monday night opener against the Raiders is still one of my favorite moments all time.  After the changes in both Coaching and offensive philosophy, he's been insignificant and relegated to what seems to be Special Teams play.  

To add to the WR logjam of underachievers, we have Brandon Lloyd who's come out of nowhere (stints in SF, WSH, CHI and now DEN) has 77 catches for 1448 yards and 11 TDs for a 18.8 average.  Prior to Denver his best season was his third in SF where he had 48 catches for 733 yards and 5 TDs for a 15.3 average.  

So when I read about draft pick grades and how the value of these two WR stack up, I would not give up no more than a 5th for either because the body of work is simply incomplete.  From a fan's standpoint, I find it disappointing because the work put in to develop timing, trust and preferably a winning atmosphere.  

So my real question is this: are we seeing the real voice behind the Tebow non-supporters while the entire fan base had to endure the ultimate depression under the Orton experience?  You see we want to know what we have working here and when I read that these are trades requested by the two 'iconic'  WRs (I jest of course) then where is the support for Tebow and his ability to have players rally around him coming from.  Maybe its me but I think here in Denver, we have some real issues that the coaching staff and perhaps some classy professionals have been able to keep it under wraps.

In closing, I think we get to see some real young players with irreplaceable opportunity to show not only the coaches, the fans and their teammates what they're made of but themselves as well.  Maybe we have another Marshall from a talent perspective or maybe a Victor Cruz but one thing's for sure, I'm all for quitters playing for someone else.

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