An Open Letter to Brandon Lloyd

Brandon, let me start by saying that it has been a true pleasure to see you flourish over the last two seasons with us.  I was truly surprised by your performance last year and was very very VERY happy to call you a Denver Bronco.  I appreciate your attitude, game play, and willingness to get up on camera last season loss after loss on the "Broncos Live" show to represent our team.  Talk about guts!

I remember being excited last off-season after we traded B. Marshall about our Broncos and was looking over the training camp posts wondering how we would ever replace his numbers in our offense.  Our WR group didn't seem to me to have much other than potential.  Honestly, I was all about letting you go.  I have watched you over the years from San Fran > Wash > Chicago > Denver.  The sign I pegged on you was "inconsistent on game-day".  Thank you for proving me wrong.

Thank you for putting in the hard work and effort to make yourself one of the most spectacular ball-catching receivers in the game.  There is no one in the game today including Fitzgerald to me that goes up and attacks a ball like you do.  Keep it up Brandon.  I hope to see many more spectacular catches from you in St. Louis.  Don't listen to any of the hater junk out there about you turning your back on the team.  We all either know better or should know better.  It was a business weren't going to stay for what Denver was offering and you deserve more.  I'm glad we put you in a position to go get it even if I was hoping you would be a Bronco to finish out your career.

Thank you for all the Orange and Blue memories.  Many of us will be cheering for you as long as you aren't a raider!



They can't see me!!!

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