Tebow can speed his release really easily, but are coaches seeing it?

Yes, I said that and I adamantly beleive it. It would be so easy to shave 1.0-1.5 seconds off Tebow's release time and yet I've been pulling my hair wondering when we're going to see it - meaning - when are the coaches going to see it, because it's so simple that if it is discovered and corrected we'll see it on film instantly, yet it's still not present. Follow me as I quickly explain.

This all has to do with where Tebow holds the ball while dropping back or scanning the field and that's it. Nothing more. Changing it would be so easy and have such big results it would be visible on film the instant it's done, yet after a year plus, I sitll havent' seen it done.

Now don't get me wrong here. I'm not an NFL coach, but I have been around football and have H.S. coaching, scouting and training experience, so I do know a little about the game. That being said, I have to wonder, are the Bronco's coaches not seeing this?


Most QB's hold the ball while dropping back or scanning for targets at a point just in front of and slightly below their pectoral muscle (right for right handers and left for left handers). They do this while dropping back, rotating, scanning etc.. and then fire the ball from this "half cocked" position. The exceptions do exist, such as Peyton Manning, who holds he ball up higher, near or above his shoulder. This is also where Tebow can be seen holding the ball - up high.

Thing is, Peyton Manning also throws from this position. Most QB's do not. Most throw from a lower position, and a few (Tebow, Rivers and even Brees, from an even lower postion. This is the traditional "COCKED" position for most QB's. Manning's cocked position is just behind his head and ear, which is where he holds the ball.

Now Tebow holds the ball like Manning, yet throws like Rivers. Look at film of Rivers, Brees and other QB's that have a lower than traditional cocked position and you will notice that they drop back and scan the field with the ball held just in front of their lower ribs - much closer to their "cocked" position. From here, is simply FIRE!

But with Tebow, he has to go from his Manning "cocked" postion down to his actual "cocked" position and then fire. Result? Hold it high, bring it down and then bring it back up. Long, "wind up" appearance and definately added time to the release! To quote Don Henley, "are ya with me so far?"

By holding the ball lower by his ribs Tebow is already 75% cocked. At this point, it's not about where he holds the ball, but that he IS HOLDING THE BALL in the cocked position and ready to fire, instead of having to cock after making his decision.

Incidently, it also makes moving in the pocket easier as you don't have your arms up near your face. Granted, it works for Peyton, but he still looks like he's doing the "Cha Cha Cha" when in the pocket.

Changing this would not requrie endless repetitions and it wouldn't change his current motion or aim - just his release time from point of decicion to the actual firing of the ball. He still has to plant his feet for better accuracy, but his timing would improve dramatically.

It just seems to me that SOMEONE should have changed this simple, little thing. Perhaps they have visited it but decided against, but I would have to wonder why. Perpaps they've tried it and Tebow keeps doing what he's doing, but I doubt that - it's not difficult to master and doesn't require endless reps.

Now, I don't live in Denver or I'd be out at Dove Valley screaming this at the top of my lungs.

Maybe the billboard guys could get the message over? "TIM! HOLD THE BALL NEAR YOUR RIBS, NOT YOUR EAR!"

Seriously, I'm not an NFL coach and I can't proclaim to know what's going on at Dove Valley, but this would fix a lot of things and yet I have't seen it. I know TT's missed out on a lot of coaching and Gase was a receiver's coach last year, but SHEESH!!!

Just Sayin.....

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